Friday, June 3, 2022


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Summer travel season is here! One of the biggest family feuds we have when traveling in our car for a family road trip is everyone wanting to recharge their mobile devices during a drive through the one port available in the dashboard. To help alleviate that problem this summer, I picked up a JOYROOM Car Charger that is compatible with multiple brands, including both Apple and Android, and allows up to five devices to charge simultaneously. I'm geeked to use this charger during our travels this summer and hopefully it will alleviate some of the gripes from my kids when we are traveling on the road.

Joyroom car charger

This car charger works through simply plugging into a vehicle's cigarette lighter or central power port and is configured with 72W total outputs. It is equipped with two outlets so the charger can be easily accessed from both the front seats and back seats of a vehicle. A five foot cable with attached power ports can be clipped to the back of the driver's seat so kids in the back of the car can access it to power their devices while the main charger can have GPS devices, phones and so on tap into it from those riding in the front seats.


The JOYROOM 72W Fast Car Charger is 5 times faster than the 2.4A car phone chargers on the market.  It fully charges a depleted iPhone 13/12 in approximately 33 minutes, iPad Air 5 in 48 minutes, a Samsung S22 in 32 minutes or a Motorola in 34 minutes. It works with all 12V~24V vehicles multiple car charger outlets and cigarette lighters. Conveniently keep your mobile devices charged within your car while traveling!


You can find this and other JOYROOM products on Amazon

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