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grid iron studios howitzer

Collectors of 1:12 scale six-inch action figures, such as Hasbro's GI JOE CLASSIFIED and STAR WARS BLACK SERIES, need to check out a specialized armory depot for these types of toys. Tempe, Arizona-based Grid Iron Studios recently emerged on the toy scene to provide army builders and collectors with authentic looking accessories and weapons that add an exceptional level of realism to action figures. They have nearly a hundred made in the USA items available to purchase on their website ranging from equipment such as binoculars, communications gear and mine detectors to weapons including pistols, machine guns, and even a Ninja arsenal.

The Grid Iron Studios depot will have army builders geeked with its array of real-life military reproductions as well as movie prop replicas from action, horror and sci-fi films. Get an AK-47 that looks like it just came off a battlefield or an AR15 that has the appearance of being military issued. Also available are the pulse rifles the space marines used in Aliens, the axe Jack Nickelson swung in The Shining, and the RPG fired by Rambo in the First Blood movies. 

gird iron studios

I follow Grid Iron Studios on Instagram and it seems as if they are introducing new products every week! And if you want to see some great images of their products being utilized check out one of my favorite toyographers the_imperial_grunt who showcases a lot of Grid Iron Studios products in his artwork. Plus, if you are on Instagram give us a follow too at Geekdad248.

I personally purchased from Grid Iron Studios a one twelfth scale howitzer to use to display with my six inch sized COBRA soldiers from the GI JOE CLASSIFIED toyline. The 105mm howitzer was released as a Kickstarter campaign to gauge interest in the company producing larger scale vehicles and weapons to make available in its arsenal. Have to say the finished product is impressive!

This realistic artillery display set included crates with shells and spent casings, communications devices, spyglasses, camouflage netting and sandbags. The cannon itself is 7.0 inches high, 6.25 inches wide, and 14.5 inches wide. Not only does this howitzer model have girth to it and proper scale to match 6 inch action figures, but it has detailed elements including a gun barrel that can be elevated and tow shovel that can be spread open and shut. 

It also has a first rate paint job to make it look great when displayed. The Grid Iron Studios Howitzer though also has very sturdy, durable construction for those who also want to play around with it. I am very pleased with my purchase. 

grid iron studios

For more information about getting your hands on items from this depot of toy accessories or announcements on new products being released, visit

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