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disney eye of agamotto prop replica

Movie prop replicas can be a great way to add a fun touch of favorite films into your surroundings. So, I was geeked about the chance to have my very own Eye of Agamotto amulet like the one utilized by Benjamin Cumberbatch to bring the mystic arts abilities of Doctor Strange to life within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney has produced a number of Infinity Stone-related movie prop replica items from the Marvel Comics inspired superhero films including the Eye of Agamotto; which turned out to be powered by the Time Stone, one of six cosmic gems that can provide wielders amazing power. These prop replicas are available exclusively at a souvenir shop attached to Epcot's Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster and the shopdisney online store. 

I purchased Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto on to check out these Infinity Stone themed movie prop replicas and determine if I might want to pick up any of the others as this was a favorite out of the lot. Others available are the orb holding the Power Stone from Guardians of the Galaxy, the Aether Container that held the Reality Stone from Thor: The Dark World, the Tesseract with the Space Stone from Captain America: The First Avenger, Loki's scepter with the Mind Stone from The Avengers, and the Iron Man gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame that holds all six Infinity Stones.  If I was impressed with Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto, the odds are really good these other items would also all be finding their way to my house to be incorporated into a Marvel fan display in our game room or home office.

There was a lot of excitement in the air when the package containing my Eye of Agamotto which I had eagerly been awaiting arrived from Enthusiastically ripping up the boxes for what I had thought would be the unveiling of my own piece of Hollywood magic, the oxygen in the room emptied as I gasped at a disappointing dud. This has to be the most disappointing purchase I can remember making in a long time. I normally don't write negative reviews but wanted to warn others not to be suckered into what looks like a really cool prop replica being marketed by Disney. 

First of all, and most troublesome, the Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto movie prop replica isn't screen accurate. Its sized about twice the size it actually should be! It is more like a big clock you'd see Flavor Flav wearing around his neck than the amulet donned by the Sorcerer Supreme. Absolutely, too large to be used for cosplay! As well as hindering the display value of the amulet because it looks out of place big. Doah!

shopdisney eye of agamotto

Second, instead of utilizing AAA or AA batteries, which would have been totally doable based upon the girth of the amulet, you need to insert the more expensive style wristwatch style batteries to power its special effects. I don't normally keep those in stock around the house. Fortunately, batteries are included with it! But I'm not looking forward to eventually replacing them. 

shopdisney eye of agamotto

On a more positive note, the glowing light effect of the Time Stone does have a nice ambience to it. It has a supernatural glow and emits a mystical humming sound. The Eye of Agamotto prop replica does get kudos for that. The Time Stone is removable but doesn't glow on its own removed from the amulet. 

doctor strange eye of agamotto

The amulet is also very sturdy with its body made out of metal. From tapping on it and feeling its weight, you can tell that this isn't just a plastic mold. Disney's Eye of Agamotto is made with metal giving it the feel of actually holding a real magical amulet, well that is if such a thing actually existed. Still, it has the durability you think would be put into a prop used on a set to make sure it doesn't get broken while filming a movie. 

Additionally, the packaging incorporates some nice details to make it look like a techy storage container. That adds a fun element to unpacking the Eye of Agamotto and is worth keeping around to store it when not using for cosplay or display. 

I just can't get over just how obnoxiously big this is! That is such a huge detraction. Though I guess it does look rather cool on a display shelf if you are viewing it from a distance. The size is enough of a negative though that Disney's Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto doesn't earn a Geek Daddy nod of approval. Buyer beware! 

doctor strange eye of agamotto

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