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Dice Throne Marvel Edition

It is chaos magic versus the mystic arts when the Scarlet Witch duels against Doctor Strange in the Marvel edition of the tabletop game Dice Throne from The Op Games. Role play as a character striving the be a gladiatorial champion in a competition that pits warriors from various times and dimensions against one another. Strategically utilize abilities and action cards combined with manipulating the roll of dice to defeat opponents. From a cursed pirate to a vampire lord, Dice Throne provides energetic gameplay in one on one battles ... and now competitors from the Marvel universe have entered the fray! 

Scarlet Witch comes in a 4-Hero Box that also includes Thor, Loki and Miles Morales Spider-Man. You can pick-up Doctor Strange in an expansion pack that also includes Black Widow. Time for a Multiverse of Madness showdown Dice Throne style between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch!

After an accident removed Doctor Stephen Strange's fine motor skills from his hands, the renowned surgeon looked beyond traditional medicine for healing and found the mystic arts. What he was not expecting was to become the Sorcerer Supreme, Earth's preeminent defender against international threats. In Dice Throne, Doctor Strange has the ability to prepare and cast spells through utilizing a deck of spell cards that are separate from action cards which he also maintains a deck of. He also can inflict magical attacks and defenses through rolling dice combinations. Additionally, through casting spells and die rolls, Doctor Strange can summon status effects to inflict on his opponent or empower himself.

Doctor Strange


When it is Doctor Strange's turn to attack, he can roll his dice three times. After the first roll, he can utilize a dice combo attack from what is showing or re-roll all or any number of dice he chooses. After the second roll he can reroll all or any number of dice he chooses if he doesn't initiate a dice combo attack. A third roll is allowed if a player desires but that is the final outcome for being able to activate an attack using a dice combination.

Here are some of the attack combinations for Doctor Strange:

Doctor Strange Dice Throne

Augury -- Dice rolls result in two tome symbols and two amulet symbols. He inflicts 8 points of damage on his opponent and gains one Deja Vu status effect token.

Universal Awareness -- Four tome symbols are showing. Draws one action card to add to his deck. Gains two Deja Vu and two Premonition status effect tokens. If he has already cast and spell and placed it in a discard pile, it can be pulled out and prepared to be reused. 

Astral Incursion -- Rolling a combination of one mandala, one tome, one mantle, and on amulet triggers this attack. Inflict 6 points of damage then roll two dice. If you roll a mandala add 3 points of damage; roll a tome gain a Premonition token; roll a mantle inflict a Crimson Bands status effect on your opponent; on an amulet cast a spell.

doctor strange

Mystic Bolts -- If you roll a small straight (four dice with numbers in a row) deal 6 points of damage and cast a spell. If you roll a large straight (five numbers in a row) deal 9 points of damage and cast a spell.

Binding -- Roll two mandals and two mantles. Inflict Crimson Bands on your opponent plus hurt them with 9 points of damage.

Wand of Watoomb -- Roll four amulets. Inflict Crimson Bands; Deal 5 undefendable points of damage; Prepare a Spell from your discard pile and cast up to two Spells.

doctor strange

ALL-SEEING EYE! -- This is the most powerful of Doctor Strange's dice combo attacks. Roll five amulets. Look at the top five cards in the spell deck. Pick two of these cards to prepare to use. Put the other three cards back in any order you may later want to pull them. Then deal 10 points of damage and cast up to two Spells.

As mentioned, Doctor Strange can cast spells in addition to his dice combo attacks through his Book of Vishanti passive ability. He begins the game with the Flames of Faltine Spell placed on his game board. Once per turn, he may prepare this Spell or another from the Spell cards in your hand. Casting Spells are triggered by action cards and dice combos.

dice throne doctor strange

Doctor Strange also has a defense dice combo. During an opponent's attack against him, Doctor Strange can utilize his Cloak of Levitation. He rolls two dice. For a mandala, he inflicts back 1 point of damage. On a tome, he gains a Premonition token. On a mantle, he is protected from 2 points of damage. On a amulet he inflicts 3 points of damage back to his opponent.


Doctor Strange's status effects are Crimson Bands, Premonition and Deja Vu. Crimson Bands are a negative effect inflicted on the other player preventing him or her from utilizing action cards during rolling dice during their next turn.

dice throne marvel edition

Premonition and Deja Vu are positive status effects benefiting Doctor Strange. If you have one Premonition token you can draw two action cards instead of one during the start of a turn. If you have three Premonition tokens you can draw three action cards instead of one at the start of a turn. With Deju Vu, Doctor Strange can turn in the status effect token to start an offensive roll phase from the beginning. Roll three times and don't like where you are at with the dice? Use a Deju Vu status effect to start over with three new rolls!

I'm going to leave some mystery and not spoil what the spell cards can do. You'll have to play a game of Dice Throne with Doctor Strange to see what you can do with these. These add a lot of extra energy to the game though making the Sorcerer Supreme a force to be reckoned with in any Dice Throne encounter. 

scarlet witch dice throne

With powers that can manipulate reality itself and the meddling of unseen forces, Wanda Maximoff's real origin is a mystery. Blessed with the ability to manipulate chaos magic, she doesn't know her place in the world ... is she a hero or a villain?!


Here are some of the attack combinations for Scarlet Witch:

dice throne scarlet witch

Hex Bolts -- Roll three warp symbols deal 4 points of damage; Roll four deal 6 points of damage; Roll five deal 8 points of damage. 

Darkhold -- Roll two spell symbols to draw one action card, gain one combat point (used to cash in some action cards), and get a Crackle and Probability Manipulation status effect token.

scarlet witch

Spellcraft -- Roll four dice numerically in a row deals 7 points of damage and gains her a Probability Manipulation status effect token. Roll five dice in a row deals 9 points of damage and lets her inflict a Reality Warp status effect on the opponent.

Mind Blast -- Roll one of each symbol. Gain a Crackle status effect token; Deal 5 points of pure damage and roll a die. If the die value is even gain a Probability Manipulation token. If the die value is odd deal 8 points of pure damage instead of five.

Bewitch -- Roll one warp symbol and three crowns. Gain a Conjure status effect. Deal 9 points of damage.

Pure Chaos -- Roll four crown symbols. Gain a Conjure status effect. Inflict a Reality Warp status effect. Deal 6 points of undefendable damage. 

dice throne

-- the Scarlet Witch's most powerful dice combo! Roll five crown symbols. Gain Conjure status effect and a Probability Manipulation too. Inflict Reality Warp status effect. Deal 12 points of damage.

The Scarlet Witch also has a formidable defense to opponent's attacks. She can roll FIVE dice. If she gets two warp symbols she gains a Crackle; Two chaos gains her a Probability Manipulation; Two Spells gains a Conjure and two Crowns deals 4 points of damage back at her attacker.


While Doctor Strange has Spell cards to enhance his offensive capabilities, the Scarlet Witch relies instead on status effects to give her an edge. She has three positive status effects to empower herself: Probability Manipulation, Conjure and Crackle. Plus, can hinder others with her Reality Warp negative status effect.

dice throne marvel edition

Reality Warp forces an opponent to remove one of their die during attack rolls and instead use one of the Scarlet Witch's dice. Thus they are in essence actually only rolling four instead of five dice during their turn.

Probability Manipulation allows the Scarlet Witch to change the value on a die after a roll up or down one value when an even number is showing. So, if a 4 is rolled, cashing in one of these status effect tokens allows that die to be adjusted to a 3 or 5. This could impact a dice combo by allowing a straight to be created or changing symbols by altering a chaos to become a warp or spell.

Conjure allows the Scarlet Witch to either steal a positive status effect token from another player or inflict a Reality Warp on an opponent.

Crackle allows Scarlet Witch to inflict 1 point of damage per each positive or negative status effect token on an opponent's game board including the Crackle token used to initiate this impact. So, if Doctor Strange was to have a Deju Vu and Premonition positive status effect tokens and a Reality Warp negative effect on his game board those along with the Crackle would cause him to have 4 points of damage. This is a nice way to finish off an opponent who is on the ropes if a dice roll combo narrowly misses accomplishing a knock out.

dice throne scarlet witch

Which of these two magic wielders do you think is the more powerful foe in a Dice Throne bout? Would you go with the Sorcerer Supreme or the Scarlet Witch

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