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Wilburton Fox

Illustrator Larry MacDougall took readers on a tour of wonderous fantasy world he crafted, a wonderous medieval land populated by animals with human characteristics, in his book "Gwelf: The Survival Guide." Inspired by "Wind and the Willows" and "The Lord of the Rings", Wilburton Fox serves as your guide through Gwelf from whose perspective MacDougall fills the book with interesting anecdotes providing tips on how to safely traverse this magical place and impressive watercolour artwork that is eye captivating. Wilburton makes sure you know what to expect, what equipment to pack, where to rest for the night, and many more travel tips to be properly prepared for an adventurous trek through Gwelf.

Now Wiliburton has been commissioned to provide a second survival guide that further delves in the land of Gwelf. This will highlight the Scrublands and the Northern Territory that lies beyond them. Gwelf is a land steeped in magic and mystery, inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures that seeks adventurers and tourists to visit. Thus, the Ruling Council is highly promoting Wilburton's tomes filled with sketches and chronicles of his adventures to entice their gold and talents to visit the kingdom. 

Gwelf into the hinterland

is being commissioned by a Kickstarter campaign that runs through April 30, 2023. Gain more bits of wisdom from Wilburton Fox in this new book by Larry MacDougall to be published by Eye of Newt Books. Kickstarter rewards range from e-books to autographed hardcover print editions. With rewards for backing the publishing starting at $15 and maxing out at $75 this is a fun and affordable Kickstarter campaign to dive into.

As a kid, I spend hours flipping through the pages of GNOMES by Wil Huygen which fascinated me with its illustrations and textbook notes that explained the habitat and lifestyles of these mythical creatures as if they were being studied in real life. Beatrix Potter was also another childhood author and artist that delighted me. MacDougall's Gwelf books provide me a warm nostalgic feeling relating to my enjoyment of Huygen's and Potters work. Yet, MacDougall also stands out on his own merit for providing a fantastic reading experience.

Gwelf Larry MacDougall

If you are geeked about fantasy adventures like Dungeons & Dragons plus have an appreciation for whimsy don't miss out on the GWELF: INTO THE HINDERLANDS Kickstarter. For those of you who may want to get your hands on GWELF: THE SURVIVAL GUIDE is available on If you click on an affiliate link in this post, will receive a small commission from a purchase of that book at no additional expense to you to support this blog. Please note this blog does not have an affiliate relationship or any other financial interest in the Kickstarter campaign. 

Do you want to vist Gwelf? I sure do! 

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