Tuesday, April 11, 2023


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Scotland is in my genes, so it is a bucket list destination for me to visit this land tied to my heritage someday. With that in mind, I've been keeping track of things I'd be geeked to do if I ever do get around to visiting Scotland. Here are seven itineraries I've considered for having a fantastic time in Scotland:

  • Foodie tour on foot with expert guide through Old and New Edinburgh to sample its finest food and drink;
  •  Self drive exploration through the majestic highlands, across battlefields, through fortresses, up hills and to a luxury hotel for an indulgent stay;
  • A journey along the Jacobite Heritage Steam Train to the picturesque fishing port of Mallaig for stunning views;
  • Search for the Loch Ness Monster along a cruise through the Great Glen;    
  • Whiskey and food tasting experience through the cathedral city of Elgin and its fabulous Whiskey Room which houses over 800 single malt blends paired with fine cheeses;
  • Explore Brodie Castle before hopping the Malt Whiskey trail to visit the Cardhu Distillery;
  • Stroll through picturesque Pitlochry before heading back to a castle stay in Edinburgh.
Have you ever considered a Scotland vacation? If so, what activities and destinations would be on your travel itinerary? 

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