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Collect action figures? Looking for an eye-catching way to display them or set-up scenery for interesting toyography pictures? Check out for some sharp looking options that are also very affordable. I purchased a couple of their backdrops and have been very impressed. 

Simplebackdrops are designed at 1:12 scale (that is compatible with six and seven inch sized action figures such as Hasbro's 6-inch G.I. Joe Classified and Star Wars Black Series or Mattel's 7-inch DC Universe and He-Man & the Masters of the Universe lines) and are printed on non-light reflecting premium matte paper. The backdrops are made of two skyline panels that either can be a long straight display or be bended to present a corner view. They also come with a floor square to replicate the ground complimenting the side panels.


Unlike some of their competitors who provide imagery on matte paper that you have to mount to a surface such as display case paneling, wood frame, or posterboard yourself for stability, Simplebackdrops sheets come attached to cardboard bases. Therefore, they are ready to use right out of the box with no prep work required by you. On the other hand, your bases for the imagery is the standard cardboard you can cut out from any normal box. 

That being said, the Simplebackdrops I bought have worked just fine in regard to displaying and durability.  The manufacturer does provide a disclaimer that these are "homemade backdrops" but I've found them to have a very professional appearance as long as you aren't fixated at looking at the panels from the backside which aren't supposed to be in plain view anyways. 


As the imagery isn't protectively glossed to avoid light reflection and the basing is standard cardboard, purchasers do need to take some basic precautions to avoid damaging the product. These are basic things that are probably applicable to higher end dioramas as well. For example, don't spill liquid on it or touch with dirty hands. I give Simplebackdrops kudos because my order was delivered very quickly and each backdrop was individually wrapped very securely to help avoid it being damaged not just during transport but also when being stored around my house when not in use.

I purchased two backdrops through Etsy. The first was a 1:12 Scale Day Forest Backdrop. The second was a 1:12 Scale Broken Wall Backdrop.


Being a Stargate fan, I utilized the Forest Backdrop with its daytime imagery to imagine a squad of G.I. Joes were on an off-world mission. SG-1 hadn't reported in so reconnaissance focused SG-13 was sent in to track them down their missing comrades. 

This is a long-straight format consisting of two visual panels. Therefore, two flaps on the back to need to be connected to create a stand in the middle where the two panels come together. This helps unite the two pieces plus keep the backdrop standing upright.


The Broken Wall Backdrop has a cavern or basement look to it with what appears to be a tunnel opening that action figures may be running towards or away from. I created a display of Star Wars Black Series action figures making up a mercenary team. They are on the hunt to earn a bounty or commission.

Unlike the forest display, this backdrop is meant to be setup in a corner format. Thereby, the corner holds up the pieces to stand on their own and a flap stand isn't needed here. As in the forest backdrop, there is a ground piece that compliments the side boards presenting a 3D environment for displaying and photographing action figures. I may use these backdrops with diecast cars too. 


Based upon my experience with Simplebackdrops, they've earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval. I'm impressed with the quality and usefulness of the backdrops, the pricing is nice for budget conscious consumers, and the customer service effort in the product arriving sooner than expected and securely packaged not just for transit but home storage as well. Simply said, Simplebackdrops exceeded my expectations. 

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My only disappointment is the limited number of backdrop selections they have available. Hopefully they will start adding some additional variety of settings. If they add some more background options, I absolutely will be buying some more! 

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