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ahsoka tv show

Dave Filoni's expansion of the animated Star Wars adventures he crafted into live actions shows continues with the August 2023 debut of AHSOKA on the Disney+ streaming service. Originally a key character in the Clone Wars animated series that Filoni directed, Ahsoka evolved from being Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Padawan (apprentice) to being portrayed as an early leader of the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars: Rebels cartoons. Now in her live-action incarnation played by Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka finds herself in the years following the fall of the Empire occurring after the events of the Return of the Jedi movie.

My kids have grown up with us having family tv nights to watch new episodes of Clone Wars and Rebels when they originally aired. They are actually bigger fans of the tv shows then any of the Star Wars movies. So, we are fans of Filoni's work with the Star Wars galaxy and excited how he has begun coherently meshing together the animated and live action television shows. Really geeked that it has been announced he will be directing a live action movie that brings together the characters and stories from all The Mandalorian era Disney Plus shows into a feature length theatrical released film.

In anticipation of the next stage of Ahsoka's story, a teaser trailer has been released to promote the upcoming show. There is a lot in it that is both exciting and confusing for Star Wars fans. Check it out:

One of my favorite part of the teaser is that it clearly shows the animated characters that were the heroes of Rebels are coming back together to be a big part of the Disney Plus galaxy of Star Wars live action shows. Not only that but the villain from that series, Thrawn, is coming back to lay claim to being heir to the Empire. It will be interesting if there will be tie-ins to the Timothy Zahn book that originally introduced this fan favorite character before he was revamped into the Rebels storyline. These characters are to my kids like Luke, Leia, Han, R2-D2 and Darth Vader are to me in being favorite Star Wars heroes and villains. 

star wars rebels characters

What seems confusing in where the show's timeline is are that there sure seem to be a lot of evil Sith running about. These villains aren't around at Return of the Jedi and don't seem to be around when The Force Awakens takes place. So, what is going on here! I'm intrigued!

ahsoka tv show

While Kathleen Kennedy has been in charge of LucasFilm since the Disney transaction and George Lucas' retirement, it has been Filoni that has kept the franchise alive. Kennedy tore down the magic of the franchise in three poorly executed cash grab movies while Filoni kept the George Lucas style of the franchise alive through his production of Star Wars television shows. There is a whole generation now who relates to Star Wars more through the characters and stories told through Filoni's television series than the movies. Hopefully, Filoni will continue to be able to have more control of steering the franchise's direction and Kennedy will graciously disappear into retirement. 

ahsoka tv show

I have a lot of faith in Filoni being the steward of the Star Wars galaxy. My whole family is looking forward to seeing AHSOKA on Disney+ and Filoni's Star Wars movie that ties these shows all together. This is the way!

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