Sunday, July 23, 2023


skilled crane games

Fans of skill crane games can now play on real machines via an online app. Whether you want to win folding pocket knives or cuddly toys, it is a great way to test your gaming skills and win prizes. ClawCrazy lets you test your skill and luck remotely controlling the arcade games located at their Farmington, Michigan-based facility by utilizing Android and Apple devices. Grab a prize with a claw or earn tickets to redeem in their prize gallery. 

From claw machines to skeeball there are a variety of games to challenge you in this online arcade that can be played from anywhere in the world. Purchase tokens with a credit card to initiate game play. If a claw pulls a prize out of a machine, Claw Crazy will mail it to you. 

You can also earn tickets that can be redeemed for prizes like a deck of UNO cards [3,600 tickets], Spalding basketball [9,000 tickets], LEGO Aston Martin set [12,600 tickets] or the newest Call of Duty video game [36,000 tickets] among numerous other prizes. Grab a plush Baby Yoda or a boxed Funko Pop figure from a claw machine or earn tickets in skeeball to get yourself a Starbucks gift card. Check out all the available skill challenges and prizes you can win at

crazy claw

My kids and I spend an entertaining evening playing around with the clawcrazy app on my iPad. There was a lot of trash talk going back and forth as well as laughing taking place as we challenged each other to see who could do the best in these feats. We didn't end up bringing home any prizes but had a fun time anyways. 

Are you geeked about these style of arcade games? If so, you are sure to have a good time testing your dexterity with the ClawCrazy app. If you are on Instagram, Threads or Twitter, give @Geekdad248 a shoutout sharing with us your ClawCrazy experience. 


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