Monday, July 17, 2023


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Any geeky parent knows the joy of sharing technology with their child, be that bringing home the latest game console and playing the new titles together, enjoying smart toys that have a range of functionalities, or watching them build their own computer for the first time in their teenage years. 

That said, as a parent it’s important to not only consider the utility of the tech we bring into the lives of our children, but how appropriate they are as well. For example, it’s important to assess the quality control of each item you buy, such as with products like Onewheel, finding items crafted to the manufacturing standards of your own economic zone rather than a cheap import from abroad can ensure safety. 

However, you might not have time to read the specification sheets of every single item you purchase. You just want to find a lovely and suitable gift you can rely on. So, let’s consider four questions to ask before buying tech for your kids: 

Is It Safe? 

Front and center will always remain the question - is this safe for my kids? After all, an excellent device may seem great and easy to operate for you, but not all kids. An electric scooter, for instance, might reach speeds that you’re not too happy with. It’s important to note the appropriate age of the tech, if they can understand the controls, and put simply, if the dimensions are correctly calibrated for someone their size. 

Are There Parental Controls? 

Ultimately, parent controls allow you to exercise administrative measures over the functioning of the device. That might include time limitations, or preventing children from accessing the wider internet. It’s always good to set these appropriately and check in advance if you will be able to determine the appropriate use of the item you’re interested in. 

Are There Educational Opportunities? 

It’s important to ask if there are educational opportunities in line with using this tech. It might not be the case, and you may be okay with that. However, sometimes smart tech is best when it helps children learn and develop, not just when it helps them spend time in a recreaitonal context. So for example, you might load a small child’s laptop with access to educational sites and games. Alternatively, their small kids tablet might have the same content. You need only look in any local “gadget shop” to see how many cool, kid-oriented science tech toys there are. 

Will It Require Maintenance? 

Charging an e-bike or calibrating a smart instrument like a modern keyboard or MIDI controller may take some time to manage or rectify, and depending on the reliability of the device, it’s important to make sure if your child is mature and responsible enough to manage it. If so, that’s fantastic. If not, it may be worth considering a worthwhile alternative. This isn’t to say you should only buy them indestructible items, it’s just that this is more of a concern when purchasing tech for children. 

With this advice, you’re sure to ask the best questions when buying tech for your kids.

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