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brittany long olsen the happy shop

Cartoonist Brittany Long Olsen will be having a new graphic novel for middle grade readers, THE HAPPY SHOP, released by Eisner and Havey award winning publisher Oni Press in February 2024. It is promised to be a heartwarming story that tweens and teens are sure to be able to relate to. Do you have a middle grade reader in your home. If so, keep an eye out for Brittany Long Olsen's THE HAPPY SHOP.

In THE HAPPY SHOP, eleven-year-old Darcy is feeling sad and alone after she moves to a new country when she accidentally stumbles into a magical store that sells happy feelings. But when Darcy witnesses a sad feeling accidentally being sold at work, she begins to wonder. Is happiness really the only emotion people need?

oni press the happy shop
the happy shop graphic novel
happy shop graphic novel

“THE HAPPY SHOP shines a light on the deep importance of experiencing a whole range of human emotion, not just happy feelings, and building community with the people we care about,” Brittany Long Olsen commented to about the graphic novel release.

“The story features a contemporary setting with just a light touch of magic," added Oni Press Editor Grace Scheipeter. "And much of that magic is in the dynamic cartooning of Brittany Long Olsen, whose graphic novel is a delight and inspiration."

the happy shop graphic novel

Brittany Long Olsen is an author, illustrator, and editor. She has lived in three different countries over the past ten years and made comics about her adventures (and culture shock!) in each one. Her happy jar would contain videos of unlikely animal friends. She currently resides with her partner and their dog, Jetpack, near Portland, Oregon.

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