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Marvel Zombicide

When I heard that CMON GAMES fantastic Zombicide tabletop role playing game was doing a mashup with Marvel superheroes there was no doubt in my mind that I would be going ALL IN on a pledge for its Kickstarter campaign. This resulted in a gigantic Galactus game piece and ten boxes of goodies including two core game play boxes, eleven expansion packs with themes that include Fantastic Four and Guardians of the Galaxy adventures, board tiles for various scenarios, and a ton of stretch goal characters to play with arriving at my doorstep. Time for an unboxing! 

A zombie plague strikes and not even Earth’s mightiest heroes are safe. Marvel Zombies is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players, based on the core mechanics of the popular Zombicide series, bringing non-stop zombie action to the Marvel universe. Original art by comics legend Marco Checchetto is incorporated into amazing game pieces and playing cards depicting iconic Marvel characters in glorious (and often gory) detail.

In the primary Marvel Zombies Core Box, players take on the role of superheroes who have been infected and succumbed to the virus. Unlike other variations of Zombicide by CMON, in this game instead of battling zombies you take on the role of them.  Players' mission is to spread the zombie plague far and wide. Heroes retain twisted versions of their former personalities but are now enslaved to an insatiable hunger.  Players face off against other heroes who have yet to succumb to the infection, along with the relentless members of S.H.I.E.L.D., in a battle of survival. Game missions are inspired by the scripts of Marvel Zombies comic books. Are you ready to destroy the world?

Marvel Zombies Game

If you prefer the traditional hero role of superheroes, Marvel Zombies also has a second core box, X-MEN RESISTENCE, that lets players be survivors battling in classic Zombicide mode. This core box has mutant superheroes take a stand against the relentless zombie plague. It also opens the door for gameplay that lets a variety of other Marvel superheroes battle zombies instead of having to play the game as one. 

xmen resistance

Which of the core boxes will you prefer to play in: zombie mode or survivor mode? There are also expansion packs for extended game play that include Fantastic 4: Under Siege; Guardians of the Galaxy; Clash of the Sinister Six; Hydra Resurrection; and Sentinel Strike. Plus there is a Galactus mode that was exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign but you can still potentially get your hands on through the secondary market like E-Bay or select game stores.


Immerse yourself in the chaos of a zombie-infested New York and the Baxter Building in the "Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game - Fantastic Four: Under Siege" expansion. Choose your path as you can play as either Zombie or Survivor Modes. Use the Fantastic Four to save New York or lead them into the ranks of the undead.

marvel zombies


Giant robotic Sentinels can be added to any scenario to bring an extra challenge to the players. These robots, programmed to hunt down and exterminate any mutant lifeforms, do not care about the distinction between living and dead. If it’s still moving, it’s a threat that must be eliminated. This expansion will contain a few Sentinel-centered scenarios for both Zombie Mode (using the New York tiles from the Marvel Zombies core box) and Hero Mode (using the X-Mansion tiles from the X-Men Resistance core box). Each of the Sentinels has a unique, highly detailed game piece, measuring a whopping 12cm high.


Join the Guardians of the Galaxy, even as some of their own have succumbed to the relentless zombie virus, in "Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game - Guardians of the Galaxy." Face the terror of a zombie outbreak in the far reaches of space, where the Guardians must confront not only their zombified comrades but also the formidable zombie Thanos wielding the Infinity Stones.

guardians of the galaxy


Witness the ultimate showdown in "Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game - Clash of the Sinister Six" as heroes and villains unite against a relentless zombie outbreak! The Sinister Six, longtime enemies of Spider-Man, must join forces with Super Heroes to combat their infected comrades and halt the zombie plague.  This expansion pack introduces Team vs. Team mode, where players confront one another across the undead divide, determining the fate of New York City in a thrilling, high-stakes battle.

sinister six


Confront the ultimate evil as the Red Skull takes control of legions of Hydra zombie soldiers, posing a dire threat to the world. This expansion adds character pieces and board game tiles to allow the creation of new scenarios to play.

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