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the fall guy movie

The Fall Guy (1981 - 1986) was must see TV for me as a '80s kid. Watching The Six Million Dollar Man actor Lee Majors team up with sultry actress Heather Thomas always had me geeked to tune in for the prime time airing of a new episode each week. The stories about a Hollywood stunt man who moonlights as a bounty hunter may have been corny but the show was filled with great stunts involving the hero's tricked out pickup truck and what schoolboy didn't have a crush on Heather Thomas during the years The Fall Guy aired on ABC.

Based upon my childhood fondness for the show and nostalgia, I admit to being intrigued about the premise of a major motion picture inspired by The Fall Guy television show starring hot Hollywood commodities Ryan Gosling (Barbie, La La Land) and Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place, Mary Poppins Returns). Like many people though, as it appears from the movie's marginal box office receipt showings, I wasn't enticed enough to go see the film in a theater. While not watching it on the silver screen, I did have a family movie night to watch this film over the Memorial Day weekend courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment providing it to me to watch for free to promote THE FALL GUY digital release.

fall guy movie review

My takeaway from watching the digital release of THE FALL GUY movie? Wow! I was wrong and should have gone to see this action flick at a movie theater. This movie is fantastic ... and it is filled with big stunt scenes that would have looked even more impressive in a theater on an IMAX screen.

Honestly, THE FALL GUY is in my opinion the best movie I've seen in a while. It is hands down one of my favorite films to have been released from Hollywood post-COVID. Filled with humor, physically orchestrated stunts, and a plot twist tied to the title of the movie, THE FALL GUY has an aura of originality to it that many motion pictures these days seem to be lacking. From a kick-ass sidekick dog that pokes fun at martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme to on-screen unicorn appearances, THE FALL GUY doesn't take itself too seriously providing a fun summer action romp. It is the type of flick that is meant for people to grab a bucket of popcorn and lose themselves in a couple of hours of Hollywood escapism. THE FALL GUY fits that niche perfectly.

the fall guy movie

Now that summer is here, my recommendation for seeing THE FALL GUY is find an evening with some nice weather and if you still have a drive-in movie theater go see it outside as that just seems like a perfect setting for taking this film in. We have a great one about a half hour from our house that is located in Fenton, Michigan called US 23 Drive-in Theater. A very well-run place that shows double features of first-run films. A real bang for your buck!

THE FALL GUY is also still showing at theaters across the country including AMC, Emagine and MJR. The movie is now also available to add to your home entertainment library, available to purchase or rent online digitally or via on-demand cable. The digital home video release includes an Extended Cut with additional 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage featuring more action, more laughs and more stunts. This version is only available when you purchase from participating retailers nationwide including Apple TV, Fandango at Home (formerly Vudu), Comcast Xfinity, Cox and Microsoft Movies & TV. The original film is available wherever you rent or buy movies.

After leaving the business one year earlier, battle-scarred stuntman Colt Seavers springs back into action in THE FALL GUY to help a floundering movie. When the star of the film suddenly disappears, the actor's agent begs Seavers to bring him back to the set before studio executives learn about it and shut down production. As the mystery surrounding the missing actor deepens, Colt soon finds himself ensnared in a sinister plot that pushes him to the edge of a fall more dangerous than any stunt.

THE FALL GUY is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for action and violence; drug content; and some strong language. From real-life stunt man and director David Leitch, the blockbuster director of Bullet Train, Deadpool 2, and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, comes his most personal film yet, full of over-the-top action and jaw-dropping, practical stunts. The theatrical version of the movie has a runtime of 2 hours and five minutes.

SPOILER WARNING: THE FALL GUY has a mid-credits scene tied to the original television show with appearances by Lee Majors and Heather Thomas that provides an explosive ending to the movie as well. As the credits scroll there is also a nice split screen which also shows behind-the-scenes footage of some of the stunts as they are filmed.

A few final thoughts. The movie which Colt Seavers is recruited to come out of retirement to work on is called Metalstorm and it has a sci-fi theme to it. This science fiction fan actually would be interested in seeing Metalstorm being made into a real movie or at least maybe published as its own comic book story. Metalstorm also has a special cameo that pays tribute to the current popularity of superheroes in cinema. I really like the sci-fi vibe that the Metalstorm aspect of THE FALL GUY added to the movie dynamic.

the fall guy

Finally, in addition to the movie's stunts catching my eye, its soundtrack caught my ear. The music in THE FALL GUY nicely compliments the action sequences and storylines of the movie. Even the song sang during a karaoke sequence. Music really does add to the overall movie watching experience! 

Oh, one final note! The Miami Vice Stunt Show was a real thing that ran at Universal Studios Hollywood from 1987 through 1995. Watch THE FALL GUY and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital code to redeem THE FALL GUY from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. 

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