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halloween horror nights

Do you enjoy scary attractions like haunted houses at Halloween time? We have some spooktacular places to visit here in Metro Detroit like Eloise Asylum, Hush Haunted Attraction, and the Erebus Haunted Warehouse; but I've come across rave reviews about HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS at Universal Studios Orlando theme park that may make a Fall vacation to check them out worthwhile...especially because this year they are incorporating GHOSTBUSTERS into the event.

On select nights from August 30 - November 3, Universal Studios Orlando closes early and reopens for a special ticketed event called HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS where a few rides are open (Revenge of the Mummy, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, and Transformers) but the primary attraction is participating in event only scary attractions. During HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS ten haunted houses are opened to explore with five scare zones situated between them filled with scare actors on the prowl you need to navigate through to make your way around the amusement park. Plus, there is Halloween-themed live entertainment as well as themed food and drinks available to enjoy around the park as well.

The haunted houses utilize movie studio caliber costumes, props and special effects to provide a Hollywood blockbuster quality experience that exceeds what most local Halloween attractions are able to provide. In 2024, two of the amusement park's haunted houses are going to have movie themes too: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and A Quit Place. 

An ancient artifact has released a chilling new entity, Garraka in the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire haunted house. He’ll stop you cold. Only the Ghostbusters can keep you from getting iced. 

In the A Quit Place haunted house, make a sound and you won't last long. Monstrous creatures will hunt you down as the world of the first two films comes to terrifying life.

My teenagers are at an age that they don't want to go on family trips with mom and dad anymore ... even to places like Disneyland or Universal Orlando because they don't want to be treated like kids. But these haunted houses are targets to an audience of teens, young adults, and those of use who categorize ourselves as kids-at-heart (aka over 40). In fact, there is a warning on the promotions for HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS that the event is not recommended for children under 13. A night of scary attractions and amusement park rides may just be the family outing we've been looking for. Plus, Ghostbusters has piqued my interest!

halloween horror nights

Would you take a Florida vacation just for some Halloween themed fun? I'm really thinking about it!
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P.S. Halloween Horror Nights also take place at Universal's theme parks in California, Singapore and Japan.

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