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disney world haunted mansion

Michigan has some great haunted houses that take place around Halloween; but once the clock strikes midnight on All Hallows Eve they are done haunting people until the next spooktober comes around. So, it is nice that you can have a hauntingly good time all year round when visiting Walt Disney World. There is a reason that despite being one of the oldest attractions at the amusement park the Haunted Mansion is still one of the Magic Kingdom's most popular.

Here are ten secrets and tips that you will be geeked to know about when visiting Disney's Haunted Mansion in Florida:

  1. Thirteen is considered an unlucky number by many and often associated with the occult and mysticism; if you see 13 minutes listed as the wait time for the ride queue for the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom or Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World that is your lucky number because it is a code for "no wait time at all." Jump on board for a terror-ific time! 
  2. There is also a grandfather clock in the corridor of doors leading up to the loading area for the Haunted Mansion's doom buggies with hands that look like skeleton fingers moving in a backward direction from a 13 that replaces the number 12 on its face. As you pass by it in your doom buggy the shadow of a talon passes across the clock face. The clock hands at Haunted Mansions at other Disney parks are in different shapes: leeches & a demon's tongue (Disneyland), ornated Japanese designs (Tokyo) and snakes (Paris).
  3. Imagineers originally planned on the narrator for the ride being a raven instead of the Ghost Host that is actually used. You will notice a raven placed in the various scenes of the ride
  4. To be the first one out of the stretching room stand near the painting of the lady with the parasol. If you linger around to long demonic voices will whisper at you to get out.
  5. There is a Hidden Mickey in the ballroom using the plates on the dinner table.
  6. The Haunted Mansion ride is the story of a black widow murder who keeps killing her new husbands. In the attic all of the paintings are of Constance, the bride you see right before leaving the attic. Each painting shows her marrying up to a wealthier husband displaying more lavish wedding gifts. Notice she is in the same dress in every picture!
  7. You become a ghost! When exiting the attack your doom buggy tips backwards as you fall to the ground in the grave yard. This is simulating your falling out of the attic window in fright from the ghostly bride and dying. You’ll notice the ghosts don’t actually acknowledge your presence during the ride until this happens.
  8. As you exit the ride look at the ground. You may see the wedding ring of the ghostly bride.
  9. Ride at night when your eyes are naturally dilated more. You’ll see more details than you will notice during the day.
  10. Look for Mr. Toad in the Pet Cemetery as you exit. A tribute to Disney World killing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in 1998 to make room for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
disney world haunted mansion
disney world haunted mansion
disney world haunted mansion

Be on alert too because the Hatbox Ghost is coming to Walt Disney Worlds's Haunted Mansion in 2023!

Are you a fan of haunted houses? What are your thoughts on Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion? I'm always geeked to visit it!

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