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gift ideas for middle aged dads

The holiday gift giving season is fast approaching! With the supply chain troubles and shipping delays that we are all too familiar with, you may want to get your holiday shopping done sooner than later this year. Here are some gifts that I'm sure that middle-aged dads like me would be geeked to receive:


While hip hop style flat brim baseball caps and trucker hats are popular these days, for middle aged guys like me the classic look, which have also become known as "dad caps" still are the way to go. I'm always wearing a Detroit Tigers Old English D baseball cap from 47 Brand when out and about. 47 Brand has great-looking, quality made hats, sweatshirts and other gear highlighting pro and college sports teams. Getting something promoting someone's favorite team from 47 Brand is an affordable gift idea that is sure to delight any sports fan.

47 brand


Whether I am exercising, traveling or working in the yard, I like to have a watch on my wrist that is tough enough that I don't have to worry about whether or not it will break while I am in the middle of something. My Casio G-Shock Sports Watch is my go-to choice. It is durably constructed so I'm not worried about it breaking whether I'm climbing over obstacles in the woods or moving weights around in the gym. It also can be charged with either a USB plug-in or through sunlight with its built-in solar panel so I'm never wearing about its battery dying on me whether I'm at an amusement park or running along a street in a 5K. The watch has numerous capabilities that make it useful for more than just telling time including GPS connectivity, and heart monitoring. A great watch for people who lead an active lifestyle and looking for something more affordable than an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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Socks, ties and underwear tend to be fallback gifts for any dad. If you are thinking of giving one of these standard dad gifts for the holidays check out the boxers available at trendhim.com. These are the boxers I look to grab out of my dresser after a shower. They are the most comfortable ones I own and are really well constructed as they are also the ones that don't seem to deteriorate as much over time as other brands from the wear and tear of being worn. If you are going to give a dad underwear, make an effort to gift him some that he'll appreciate getting!

Trendhim focuses on men's lifestyle accessories so you can also find other nice gifts there including ties, gloves, shaving accessories and wallets. Everything I've always ordered from them has been topnotch quality and been handled with wonderful customer service. They even have a Christmas themed set of boxers and socks.

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My buddies like to go to sports bars to watch games on tv; but we always seem to end up competing against one another in the Golden Tee video game instead. If you want to have the best mancave or game room in the neighborhood get the 3D edition of the Arcade1Up Golden Tee Golf Arcade Machine. I would be so geeked to get one of these myself! Hopefully my wife will keep that in mind when she reads this gift guide.

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There is a lot of nostalgia for video game arcades for anyone who grew up in the 70s, 80s or 90s. Yes, although my kids don't believe me, there was a time when you either couldn't play video games at home or the very best, cutting edge versions were only playable at arcades. Anyone who was a kid during that era probably dreamed of having an arcade in their home like Ricky Stratton in Silver Spoons.

Who has that type of room in their house though to build out a life-size arcade of classic video games. Thanks to New Wave Toys, you can make that dream a reality with their sixth scale Replicades of video games. Replicades are accurate playable reproductions of popular video games that were once in arcades but are small enough that you can fit a number of them on a bookshelf, desk or table. Create a mini arcade with some of the limited edition models produced by New Wave Toys. 

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I've purchased Dragons Lair and 1943 Replicades from New Wave Toys and have enjoyed both playing them and displaying these sixth scale arcade cabinets in my home office. It is impressive that they aren't just models but also video games that are fun to play even at the reduced size. A nice feature too is that you can plug a Replicade into a computer monitor or television to play the game on a larger screen. Games available now are 1942 and Q*Bert.

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How nice would it be to come home from a hard day at work and destress in a hot tub. Owning a Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub makes it easy and convenient to own one. They are easy to operate, durable, and simple to set up and maintain. Who wouldn't be delighted to get one of these for a holiday gift?!

middle aged dads holiday gift guide

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