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New Wave Toys

Here is some 80's nostalgia for you! New Wave Toys has released a limited edition sixth scale reproduction of the 1983 arcade game DRAGONS LAIR. While this version of the video game is a lot smaller than what you would have found in an arcade it looks and plays just like the original Dragons Lair.

Dragons Lair came out when I was a ten year old kid with a love of Dungeon and Dragons and video games. So I was fascinated by this cutting edge arcade game that used laser disc technology to bring high definition animations by famed Hollywood cartoonist Don Bluth (The Secret of NIHM / The Fox & The Hound) to a dungeon crawling adventure you could play. I was always excited to pop some quarters into this arcade game so I could immerse myself into the fantasy of being the knightly Dirk the Daring attempting to rescue the beautiful damsel in distress Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe who was guarding her in the spooky castle of the foul wizard Mordroc.

While this officially licensed replica of the original arcade cabinet may only be 12" tall it features authentic controls and the actual game engine to play just like the original Dragons Lair. Despite its diminished size once I started playing this New Wave Toys Replicade version of Dragons Lair it was like time traveling back to a 1980s era arcade. The imagery pops off the 4.2-inch screen and really looks just like the animations from the original Dragons Lair arcade game. 

While I became immersed in the game play using the sixth scale arcade cabinet, there is also a port on the back that allows for HDTV connectivity. So you can play Dragons Lair on your television set if you like. Plus there are USB ports on the back so two players can plug in external joysticks to use instead of using the cabinet's built in controls. The back panel also includes two speakers and a volume control dial providing excellent sound quality during game play.


There is also a hidden drawer in the back panel that stores a replica Mini LaserDisc player. I'm sure there is an audience that appreciate this but I personally would have preferred an external joystick included instead like New Wave Toys included with their Replicade version of Street Fighter. I'm using this space instead to store the recharging cord for the built-in lithium ion battery that powers this play scale arcade game.

new wave toys

The cabinet is sturdily built with wood, metal and plastic. It features high resolution cabinet art utilizing 3M vinyl overlays. Four miniature quarters are included that can placed inside a coin storage compartment that is sealed with a die-cast metal door.

dragons lair

Independent digital displays embedded above the game screen keep track of player's scores, lives and credits. An illuminated marquee and LED cabinet accents are some additional special effects that make this replica Dragons Lair arcade cabinet shine. The 50 cent coin displays even light up like you are used to seeing on an arcade machine.

dragons lair

dragons lair

dragons lair

arcade cabinet

Click on one of lit up coin slot buttons instead of sliding in quarters to activate game credits for one and two player modes. Click on the other coin slot to activate a game options menu. You can control things such as the number of lives Dirk the Daring has during a game ranging from 5 to UNLIMITED and difficulty levels from easy to hard. This menu also lets you control screen brightness and audio settings among other things.

new wave toys

With collectability in mind, New Wave Toys Replicade Dragons Lair comes packaged in three boxes. The first is an actual shipping container, the second is a mock shipping container meant to mimic the crate an actual arcade cabinet would be delivered in, and the final is a Replicade branded display box. The main display box is covered with sharp graphics and full of useful information on the details and capabilities of this toy. My Dragons Lair is currently displayed on a shelf in my home office but I've kept these boxes in case there is ever a reshuffling of decor of the this workspace.

dragons lair

I bought the New Wave Toys Dragons Lair Replicade Arcade Game on my own dime as part of a Kickstarter campaign. You can get one for yourself now through Sideshow Collectibles. If you buy one of these play scale Dragons Lair arcade game replicas using a Geek Daddy affiliate link, this dad blogger will receive a small commission from Sideshow Collectibles at no additional expense to your purchase. Your support of by utilizing our affiliate links is appreciated and allows this blog to have some resources for creating non-sponsored content.

Not only is the New Wave Toys Dragons Lair Replicade an awesome decoration piece for a home office, bedroom or game space, but it is really fun to play with. So it absolutely earns a Geek Daddy nod of approval. A perfect pick up for anyone who is a video game fanatic! 

dragons lair

Always wanted to have an arcade in your home but don't have the space or budget for the full-sized video games. New Wave Toys Replicade arcade game sixth scale replicas can have you transform a shelf into your dream arcade space.

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