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snap ships

My son is in those tween aged years where kids are beginning to outgrow playing with toys, but that hasn't kept him from being absolutely delighted by SNAP SHIPS from PlayMonster. He has spent a lot of hours building these sci-fi themed spacecraft and engaging in imaginative adventures with them. His enjoyment of SNAP SHIPS has put them at the top of my family's list for favorite new toy this year. And we are aren't alone in appreciating SNAP SHIPS as they've been named a finalist in the "Construction Toy of the Year" category for the Toy Association's TOTY awards.

The heroic Forge battle the villainous Komplex for interstellar superiority within the SNAP SHIPS universe. Construct a variety of impressive vessels to combat one another ranging from patrol craft, troop transports and battleships. These sharp looking models are a snap to put together and my son really likes them because they look great to display in his room. 

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In fact, I think he has more fun constructing these model spaceships than actually playing with them. Though I have caught him having some space battles in his room with his SNAP SHIPS so they do have a lot of playability for even tween aged kids. He has liked them enough to ask for some more SNAP SHIPS as Christmas gifts this year.

Here is a build through video with my son demonstrating how to put together a SNAP SHIP. PlayMonster has done a nice job making it so that the parts to these toys are easy to snap together yet durable enough that they won't fall apart when being played with. The constructed products look so good you'd think a lot more effort than actually is necessary was put into assembling the toys. 

And while they look nice for displaying these toys can be played with too without worrying about them easily breaking. In fact while we were taping this video, one of the assembled SNAP SHIPS got knocked off the table and when we picked it up after wrapping up filming this build through not a piece had separated or broken apart from it. As you'll see in the video though, if you make a mistake putting a toy together or want to make rearrangements it is no big deal to pop out parts and move things around.

Easy to assemble yet durable for play are sure to make SNAP SHIPS a hit! Also taking advantage of the blind bag collecting trend in toys, each SNAP SHIP has a mystery accessory included with it that you won't know what it is until the package has been opened. Maybe it will be a turbo boaster, laser cannon, or missile system to give the toy an extra edge. You can buy multiple of the same SNAP SHIP style and get all sorts of different mystery accessories which adds some extra excitement to constructing them.

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Also PlayMonster has added some out of the box elements to help bring SNAP SHIPS to life. There is a YouTube animated series that adds some personality to the mini-figures that come with each SNAP SHIP and provides inspiration for imaging space battles with the toys. Additionally there is a free app for Android and Apple devices that provides augmented reality features that can enhance the experience of playing with the physical toys.

I'm a sci-fi geek so this dad blogger couldn't resist getting some of these spaceship toys for my son. That worked out well because he really loves them. As a parent, I appreciate not only that he is enjoying the toys but also they provide repeat playability, durability and originality ensuring that we are getting value for the money spent on them. That is complimented by a very reasonable price range of $12 to $50 dollars that gives you a lot more bang for your buck than some other construction toy brands. So SNAP SHIPS have earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval based upon the affordability, innovation and entertainment these toys provide.

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