Saturday, April 26, 2014


I've been taking my children to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY for the last several years although they've been too young to read themselves.  This event on the first Saturday of May is when publishers team up with comic book shops to promote their industry to consumers by offering free samples to anyone who visits participating stores that day (well that is while supplies last because most stores normally run out of stock by mid-afternoon).  My kids flip through the pages enjoying the artwork and have me read the stories to them for weeks following our FREE COMIC BOOK DAY visit.  Sharing comic books with my kids through this annual event has been a fun day of bonding with my son and daughter while promoting creativity, imagination, and reading with my children.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY had done a nice job of making sure the event provides a selection of comics targeted to preschoolers and early readers that parent can feel comfortable giving to their children.  This year's event is on Saturday, May 3, 2014 and will be featuring ten titles suitable for young readers including:

Published by PERFECT SQUARE this comic features all new adventures featuring Hello Kitty and her friends.  It will also feature a sneak peek of an upcoming tribute book celebrating Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary.

In FANTAGRAPHIC BOOKS "A Matter of some Gravity" saucy sorceress Magica De Spell turns Scrooge's life sideways-literally! when she distorts the forces of gravity.

PAPERCUTZ brings the Smurfs to Free Comic Book Day.  This comic features never-before-seen stories from Peyo starring everyone's favorite blue bombshell: the Smurfette! It's Smurftastically FREE!

ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS is bringing Sonic the Hedgehog & Mega Man to the party.  It is providing TWO free comic books in ONE.  It will showcase storylines from both characters' universes in a flipsided combined issue.

BOOM ENTERTAINMENT will feature samples from all their popular children's series including Peanut & Garfield.

Two years ago ARCHAIA published an incredible hard cover Free Comic Book Day edition featuring its popular MOUSE GUARD series.  ARCHAIA continues to be one of the leading supporters of this event by publishing another great hard cover comic book this year!

CAPSTONE is celebrating its award winning series JELLABY.  This comic book about ten year old Portia and her beloved purple monster Jellaby will feature two short stories, including the exclusive, never-before-in-print adventure "The Knot."  

DC COMICS will also be providing a TEEN TITANS issue for Free Comic Book Day.

To find a participating comic book retailer near you, CLICK HERE.  Don't miss out on Free Comic Book Day!

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