Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dynamic Mom & Pop Duo Create HeroBoys Comics & Toys

In honor of National Share Your Care Day, A Geek Daddy wanted to share with our readers some information on a KICKSTARTER campaign by a dynamic mom & pop duo who are looking to make their vision of a super hero comic book and line of toys that is age appropriate for young children a reality.  Doesn't it seem like many of the comic books, movies, television shows and toys for our kids are just rehashing and recycling characters and stories from past generations?  Wouldn't it be nice to see some new original and fresh content that today's generation of kids can embrace and call its own with less violent themes and more of an emphasis on addressing life lessons and promoting values?  Do a good deed today and support this Kickstarter campaign that brings an action figure and comic book that celebrates children's sense of adventure, imaginations, and limitless potential to life.

Like many parents today, Crissi and Ed Boland struggled when they went shopping to find toys that their little boys both wanted to play with and that were useful with promoting the positive development of their young children in the years when they are so very impressionable.  So these entrepreneurial parents created the concept of the HeroBoys - a group of "ordinary" boys brought together to do good through super powers that have been bestowed upon them by a mysterious benefactor and mentor called The Gentleman.  The comic book will be a monthly serial which begins with the HeroBoys having to overcome the challenges facing a city that has been overcome by selfishness.  Each issue will feature a story that emphasizes positive messaging regarding life lessons and provide teachable moments for parents to discuss with their children. The Boland's also plan for a unique 18" plush/plastic combination action figure to go along with the comic books so that kids can play out the adventures of their favorite HeroBoys characters.

The HeroBoys character traits were designed from the Boland's parenting experiences dealing with their sons and the children they interact with at school and play.  From my own experiences as a parent, these HeroBoys really do seem to be relatable characters for the preschool and elementary school aged kids they are meant for. I also appreciate that these HeroBoys toys combine the comforting elements of plush doll with the articulation features of an action figure for children to play with.  From reading a preview of the first issue of the comic book it appeared to be well suited to be enjoyable for both early readers and young children who may need mom or dad to read it to them.

"We wanted these comics and toys to teach honesty, loyalty, humility, compassion, and diligence," Ed Boland communicated to A Geek Daddy.  "That concept may seem a little old-fashioned in today's culture that celebrates violence, narcissism, and a win-at-all-cost approach, but we think our kids could use a good, healthy dose of old-fashioned in their lives. With your support, we can bring a meaningful, thoughtful alternative into the unimaginative world of toys for boys."

Rewards for participating in the HeroBoys campaign range from a t-shirt/comic book combo for $25 to a Hero Starter Set which includes a one year monthly subscription to the comic book (print & digital editions), a t-shirt, matching cape & mask, and an 18" HeroBoy action figure.  Also note that the action figure pictured is a prototype and Ed told us that the final product will have a head sculpt that more accurately reflects the illustrated images of the HeroBoys from the comic book.  Hopefully if the initial launch of the comic book and toys is successful they'll be able to add some girl super heroes to the mix as well.

For more information, CLICK HERE to visit the HeroBoys Kickstarter campaign page.

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