Friday, December 18, 2015

Indominus Rex – Zoomer Jurassic World Collectible Robotic Dinosaur – Spin Master Toys

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My son has a tendency to snoop at the presents under our Christmas tree so I added a bit of security this year to keep him from prying around under there.

Like most boys, my son is pretty fond of dinosaurs but we found it can be a bit scary and dangerous to play with the real things so we like this Zoomer Robotic Dino from Spin Master for him to have some fun with.

Joking aside Spin Master's Jurassic World collectible edition Indominus Rex was a blast for him to play with. Plus it did a pretty good job of keeping him away from snooping under our Christmas tree because my son's been focused on playing with the Zoomer Dino rather than what gifts he might be getting for the holiday. Indominus Rex lets you engage in your own Jurassic World adventures through imaginative play with this technologically advanced robotic dino. The toy uses True Balance Technology to independently hunt, patrol and explore its surroundings through its autonomous artificial intelligence modes without direction.

Unlike the untamable dinosaur in Jurassic World, you can control Spin Master's Indominus Rex actions through hand motions or an included remote control.  Advanced IR nose sensors allow Indominus Rex to sense your hand and respond to its movements.  Many robotic toys lately are using people's smart phones as their steering devices, but Indominus Rex comes with its own remote control that allows its users to control the toy's modes, record combo moves, and guide its movements.  I don't particularly care for handing my phone over to my six year old twins so they can play with a toy which made Indominus Rex's remote control a really attractive feature.

Indominus Rex is a limited edition version of Spin Master's Zoomer toy line.  It emits the real sounds used for the dinosaur in the Jurassic World movie.  Plus comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity that makes it not just a fun toy to play with but also a nice collectible item to display.

The remote control requires 3 AAA batteries, but the toy itself can be plugged into a computer with the  included USB cord to power its internal battery pack.  I hate always having to change batteries in my kids toys so I appreciate that Spin Master designed the toy so you can just plug it in to charge it up. If you have wall adapter for USB cords you can plug it straight into an electrical outlet for even faster and more convenient charging.

Indominus Rex is available at most major toy retailers or you can purchase it online from Spin Master by clicking here. The Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex Collectible Robotic Edition is recommend for ages 5+.

Spin Master toys generously provided a  Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex Collectible Robotic Edition for my children to play with and one for A Geek Daddy to giveaway.  For your chance to win the movie complete one or both of the following entries by Friday, January 1, 2016 before 11:59 pm EST.  Must be a US resident over 18 years old to win.


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UPDATE: Congrats to Jim from Wixom, MI who won the Spin Master Jurassic World Dino giveaway! 


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 The Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex Collectible Robotic Edition provides a roaring good time to play with!

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