Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars Activity Sheets, Coloring Pages & More!!!

It's approaching! The newest edition to the Star Wars saga is almost here with #TheForceAwakens arriving in theaters on Friday, December 18th.  To help get families in the mood to see this new film, we have a free 22 page Star Wars: The Force Awakens Activity Pack to share with our readers courtesy of our friends at Walt Disney Studios.  It includes coloring pages, activity sheets and games that will delight any kid and kid-at-heart who is hyped about seeing the newest Star Wars movie.

While you are having fun with this activity pack treat yourself to some Blue Milk a popular beverage in the Star Wars universe.  A Geek Daddy has a recipe for making Luke Skywalker's favorite blue colored drink from Tatooine, bantha milk, plus an out-of-this-world frozen treat your family can enjoy.  CLICK HERE to check it out!

Enjoy the movie everyone -- Star Wars is back!!!

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