Friday, April 29, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls

My daughter had some allowance money she'd saved up burning a hole in her pocket to be spent and asked if we could go to Target so she could pick out a new toy to play with.  She was really excited to discover in the toy aisle a new type of super hero action figures that cater specifically to the interests of young girls and began jumping up and down holding the toy box yelling out "Daddy can I buy it!"  My little girl hasn't been particularly interested in super heroes because of the rough and tumble nature of many of the characters that includes a big focus on fighting bad guys while she herself has a more gentle side.  On the other hand, my daughter finds the stylish appearance of  the Super Girl action figure we brought home appealing and appreciates how the character's description puts a focus on utilizing her special abilities to solve problematic situations rather than engaging in fist a cuffs battle royal with evil villains.

The Super Girl toy my daughter bought with her allowance money is part of a new effort by DC Comics, a division of Warner Brothers, to get girls aged 6 to 12 genuinely interested in super heroes.  Warner Brothers has created a multi-media / toy product lineup called DC Super Hero Girls featuring teenage versions of popular comic book characters hoping to build a young female fan base for the company's entertainment properties.  The premise of DC Super Hero Girls is that age appropriate for young audiences versions of popular male and female comic book characters such as Bat Girl, Beast Boy, Cheetah, Flash, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman interact in light-hearted high school themed adventures.  Warner Brothers has partnered with Mattel to create 6-inch action figures, like the one my daughter bought, as well as 12-inch action dolls depicting the DC Super Hero Girls that are currently available exclusively at Target.  The toy line will be rolled out to other major retailers beginning later in 2016.  Additionally, Warner Brothers has released a series of video shorts to tell the story of the DC Super Hero Girls that can be viewed for free at website or on their youtube channel.

In addition to the toys, DC Super Hero Girls will also have an app for mobile devices, a Random House middle-grade reading level novel series, a television show on Turner Broadcasting System's Boomerang cable network, and graphic novels from DC Comics telling stories featuring these young ladies during their formative high school years as they begin to discover their full super power potential.  At this point in their lives Harley Quinn isn't a villain but rather a mischievous class clown, Bat Girl is an A student technology whiz, Super Girl is the kind-hearted girl next door and Wonder Woman is the class president go-getter.

DC Comics will also be telling the Super Hero Girls story on Free Comic Book Day.  They'll be giving out a special free issue on May 7, 2015 during this annual event at participating comic book shops.  It will feature two stories from the upcoming graphic novel DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: FINAL CRISIS. In these stories it is the day before finals...and nothing is going right for the girls. These stories show how the DC Super Hero Girls find out that fun, friendship and hard work are all part of growing up!

DC Super Hero Girls encourage young ladies to get their capes on!  As a dad I like that DC Super Hero Girls promote that super heroes aren't just a genre for the boys to enjoy plus provides the message that girls don't have to choose between being strong or feminine as they can be both. So DC Super Hero Girls gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval.


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