Sunday, July 10, 2016

DC Comics Teams Up with Kentucky Fried Chicken for a Second Colonel Sanders Comic Book Adventure

Last year Kentucky Fried Chicken partnered with DC Comics to promote their restaurant chain at 2015's New York Comic Con by distributing a free comic book featuring Colonel Sanders that was available as a one shot collectible print edition that could be picked up at the event and a digital download from the online store that was available for a limited time.  In "The Colonel of Two Worlds" which is a parody of a classic DC Comics' FLASH story, the Colonel Sanders of our planet faces off against an evil Colonel Sunder from an alternate dimension.  Well Harland Sanders hasn't seen the last of his evil doppelganger as Colonel Sunder is back in an all new comic book adventure just in time for 2016's San Diego Comic Con.

In "Colonel Corps," Harland Sanders blacks out and awakens to realize he can remember only one of his 11 secret ingredients for "finger lickin good chicken."  Suddenly Arla Sanders, a version of the Colonel from one of the multitude of alternate dimensions in the DC comics fictional multi-verse where in her world all the people are the reverse gender of those living in Harland's reality, warning him that someone has stolen the KFC recipe from the minds of all the Colonels that exist on all the variations of Earth and erased their memories off all but one ingredient just like him.  Harland Sanders joins with the female versions of himself and the Flash to search out enough Colonels with unique memories of different ingredients to put the recipe back together again.

Arla, Harland and the Flash visit a variety of realities in the DC multi-verse including Bizarro, Steampunk, and Teen Titans Go! worlds plus a dimension where the inhabitants are all animals and KFC is run by a charming yet cannibalistic chicken.  All these variations join together to create the Colonel Corps.  Together they put the KFC secret recipe back together and track down the perpetrators of this dastardly scheme  ... Colonel Sunders along with a new diabolical version of the Colonel with mind control powers who makes every member of the Colonel Corps face their most dreaded fear during the comic book's big confrontation segment.

This comic book works because it doesn't take itself more seriously than the promotional piece it is supposed to be.  Filled with tongue-in-cheek one liners and humorous imagery it really is a fun read.  The partnership with the DC Comics creative team provides the polish needed though to make the comic book an enjoyable gimmick rather than en eye rolling bad KFC ad.  I personally really liked the big battle scene in the comic book and the letter to the editor section at the end with Colonel Sanders answering questions from fans of "Colonel of Two Worlds" made me chuckle.  I'm also intrigued by the teaser in the Colonel's MailBucket section promoting a potential next installment in this comic book saga "The Chicken That Time Forgot" -- we'll have to keep an eye out for that!

If you are lucky enough to be going to Comic Con in San Diego this month keep an eye out for people passing these out at the exhibition hall.  For the rest of us, "Colonel Corps" is available to download for FREE on Comixology.  Just CLICK HERE to grab it for yourself to read.

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