Friday, August 26, 2016


I had the chance to goof around with Mim-Mim from the popular Disney Jr. cable network television show KATE & MIM-MIM this summer and have to say that bunny is sure a lot of fun to hang out with.  Of course anyone who has seen this animated show for preschoolers that focuses on the friendship and adventures of a 5 year old girl named Kate and her favorite stuffed animal, a plush bunny named Mim-Mim already knows that.  In the show, Kate and Mim-Mim travel to the land of Mimiloo for imaginary adventures where they are joined by magical friends that live in this land of make believe  named Lily, Tack and Gobble.  If you haven't seen Kate & Mim-Mim yet now is a chance to catch up on some of their past escapades which are being released on a new DVD coming out September 20, 2016.  "THE MIMILOO ZOO" DVD will feature six fun filled tales plus a bonus video called "Mimiloo's Creatures."

In the story "The Mimiloo Zoo," Kate's trip to the zoo gets canceled because it's raining, so it's off to the fantasy world of Mimiloo! In Mimiloo, animals made out of bushes are being created for Gobble and Tack's AMAZING new fruit garden inside their AMAZING new hedge maze.  When Mim-Mim accidently spritzes the animals twice with Gobble's powerful presto potion, they come to life and things quickly get wild.  With the animals creating a bit of havoc, the gang needs to fnd a place for them to live and Kate knows the perfect location.

The DVD also features the story "Lily and the Unicorn."  Lily has always wanted to see a unicorn, and now is the perfect time as beautiful shimmer flowers, which unicorns love to eat, are blooming.  After searching all day, the gang finally locates a whole garden of flowers.  When the garden starts to float away, with Lily, who can save her?

Additional stories included on "The Mimiloo Zoo" DVD include, To Catch a Critter, Follow the Leader, Kate's Turtle Drive, and Kittens & Mittens.  The DVD run time is approximately 65 minutes. You can order the DVD online from Shop PBS or look for it at retail locations across the United States.  For more information about this television series and its characters, visit

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