Friday, September 16, 2016

Five Fun Ways People Can Enjoy Batman Day

Saturday, September 17th has been designated by DC Comics as a day to appreciate one of the publisher's most popular super hero characters -- Batman.  There will be a variety of events taking place across the United States and Canada at comic shops, book stores, libraries, and other participating locations honoring the Dark Knight's 75+ years of adventures that have been portrayed in books, comics, television shows, movies, and video games.  Here are 5 fun suggestions from A Geek Daddy on how your family can have some Caped Crusader themed fun to enjoy BATMAN DAY:


Pickup a FREE copy of  BATMAN #1 written by Tom King and illustrated by David Finch, Matt Banning and Jordie Bellaire which was released earlier this year as part of the DC REBIRTH fictional universe storyline reboot featuring a special BATMAN DAY 2016 cover.  I picked up that issue when it first came out and it is actually a very good comic book to be able to get for free.  CLICK HERE to find a location participating in this BATMAN DAY giveaway near you.


Team up Batman with a wide variety of other super heroes and characters ranging from Superman to Scooby Doo to Doctor Who to combat evil villains and engage in wacky fun adventures on the LEGO Dimensions video game.  Utilize the game's buildable Batmobile and Batman minifigure that come with the Starter Pack to save the LEGO multiverse by solving puzzles and tackling bad guys.  LEGO Dimensions is an entertaining video game that the whole family can enjoy together -- both kids and parents who are kids-at-heart will have fun engaging in adventures as the Caped Crusader.


Take the Batmobile out for a spin with the AIR HOGS Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Movie Replica Remote Control Batmobile.  Our family has had a lot of fun playing with this RC toy pretending to race it around the streets of Gotham City.  CLICK HERE to check out our A Geek Daddy toy review.


While LEGO Dimensions is fun for all ages, the Telltale Games video game featuring the Caped Crusader is a gritty detective case meant for mature audiences.  Available for PC, mobile devices, and gaming consoles, BATMAN THE TELLTALE SERIES transforms a choose-your-own adventure book into a video game for adults featuring the Dark Knight.  It combines an excellent story with great artwork to create a game playing experience that any true Batman fan will thoroughly enjoy.


One of my favorite bedtime stories for my son as a toddler was reading a book called "Goodnight Baseball."  We've read that picture book by Michael Dahl more times than I can count.  Now that author, along with illustrator Ethen Beavers, has created a new story that is perfect for wrapping up your BATMAN DAY and putting children to bed for the night called BEDTIME FOR BATMAN.  This book from Capstone Publishing will have children feeling like super heroes getting ready for bed.  Youngsters won't be afraid of the dark at night as they picture themselves as the Dark Knight.

Older children may enjoy reading BATMAN SCIENCE: THE REAL-WORLD SCIENCE BEHIND BATMAN'S GEAR for some bedtime reading.  Capstone Publishing's book BATMAN SCIENCE explores the science behind the hero's really cool technology.  Unlike other comic book heroes it isn't super power that let the Caped Crusader save the day but rather his gadgetry and tricked out vehicles give him the edge over the villains he is fighting against.  This book explains the Dark Knight's high-tech crime fighting tools plus highlight real world applications of similar technology.

Holy Car Full Of Clowns Batman, I hope everyone has a super time enjoying BATMAN DAY on Saturday, September 17th!  CLICK HERE to download a free BATMAN DAY activity kit filled with coloring pages, games, and other fun stuff that you can do in addition to our suggestions for having some Caped Crusader fun.  For more information about BATMAN DAY 2016, visit

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