Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mystery Egg -- Spin Master Toys Hatchimals

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I found a mysterious egg left at our front doorstep today that had been delivered by Spin Master Toys.  My kids were anxious to discover what was inside but a note with the egg asked us not to peek until Hatchimals Day on October 7.  The note encouraged us to keep the egg comforted while waiting for it to hatch by rocking, petting and tapping it and we might just be surprised by what happened when we did that.

What could it be?  A penguin? or platypus? is it a dinosaur? maybe even a dragon? My kids had plenty of guesses but we'll just have to wait until Hatchimals Day to find out for sure.

My children are taking turns nurturing the egg by holding it and keeping it safe.  When they started spending time with the egg something extraordinary occurred -- the creature inside actually began interacting with them.  As they rock the egg you can hear its heart start to beat.  Tap on the shell and it taps back.  Petting the egg might even gets it talking ... I swear it sounds like it is mimicking the words you are speaking around it.  Once the creature inside feels comfortable around you its eyes even begin to glow through the shell.

So what do you think will emerge from the shell on Hatchimals Day? Make sure to swing back and visit us on Friday to find out!

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