Thursday, September 13, 2018


As a special treat for fans, children's musician Sara Lovell has provided us with a sneak peek before its official release of the music video for the title song of her new album WILD IS EVERYWHERE. The video, produced by Josh McClain, features Sara's son Gabe, exploring the "wilds" of his Bay Area neighborhood. It shows how kids can find "wild" things "everywhere" even in urban settings where nature probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when describing the landscape and encourages free-ranging exploration by children anywhere they may be. Check it out!

This all ages album features 14 original songs that take listeners on a musical adventure through a landscape of imaginative fantasies and surprises from everyday reality. From the Sgt. Pepper’s inspired first track, “Get Up,” which invites you to “grab onto the tail of someone’s kite,” the energy builds up and expands song by song. Wordplay and lyrics with vivid imagery gets children tuned in to the funky beat of “Rhinoceros under the Bed” and “Raspberry Pickleberry Wormnut Pie.” Blues and disco themes are  inflected within “Bounce,” “Stand Together” and “Where You Hiding All Day Long?” WILD IS EVERYWHERE is a PARENTS' CHOICE AWARD® 2018, THE 2018 NAPPA AWARDS & THE 2018 CREATIVE CHILD AWARD winner.

You can purchase WILD IS EVERYWHERE by Sara Lovell on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. Its songs can also be streamed via Spotify and Apple Music. For more information about the artist and this album, visit

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