Tuesday, February 12, 2019


To get their diehard fans excited, and of course help sell more comic books, DC Comics every year or so creates a dynamic cross-over storyline that has a dramatic impact in shaping the overall scope of the publisher's fantasy universe.  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has transformed one of these events, DC Comics' Forever Evil comic book story from 2013-2014, into its newest LEGO video game → LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS.

In the Forever Evil plot arc, the heroes of the Justice League have mysteriously disappeared and been replaced by their alternates from another dimension. Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and Deathstorm at first appear to be protectors at first but eventually it becomes clear they are a crime syndicate out to become the rulers of the world. Thus Earth's super villains team up to stop this threat for the best interest of the planet. Led by Lex Luther the newly formed team of villains rescues the Justice League who have been imprisoned by the crime syndicate uniting with the super heroes to battle their common foe.

In LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS it is good to be bad! Players create a completely customizable character who leads a team of super villains to foil the evil plans of the fake heroes from Forever Evil comic book stories. Along the way, you will unlock new powers and customizations for your character, engage in additional story quests, puzzles, and mini-games that unlock rewards and recruit other Super Villains as seen in DC comic books and movies. Also you get to cause mischief throughout well-known DC Comics locations including Gotham, Metropolis, and Smallville joined by villains such as Black Manta, Cat Woman, Deadshot, Reverse Flash and The Joker.

DC Movie Character Pack

To keep LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS fresh and fun after the initial game has been completed there is also a season pass that provides new DLC content including bonus levels and characters throughout 2019. In the just released DC Movie Character Pack you can now play as Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Superman, Cyborg, and Deathstroke as they appeared in the Justice League movie produced by Warner Bros. Pictures. You can access The DC Movie Character Pack by getting the deluxe edition of the video game, purchasing the Season Pass as an add on or buying this character pack separately for $1.99. Add these characters to help your customized super villain and some of DC Comics greatest bad guys … and gals … take down the crime syndicate.

For more game information, visit chaos-is-coming.wbgames.com and follow the official LEGO® DC Super-Villains social channels on Facebook and YouTube, and @LEGODCGAME on Instagram and Twitter.

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