Wednesday, May 1, 2019


There is one day we always make sure to visit our local comic book shop on the first Saturday in May. That is because it is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! It has become a family tradition for my kids and I to enjoy a day geeking out enjoying comic books together thanks to this annual event.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY in 2019 will be taking place on Saturday, May 4. Publishers are printing up 50 selections to be distributed for free by participating comic shops this year. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy with comics meant for young readers, teens as well as some content aimed specifically for adults being given away on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

My daughter wants to pick up the AVENGERS and LUMBER JANES while my son has his sights on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and MINECRAFT from the checklist of titles being given out that can be viewed over at There are a few comic books on that list that have caught my eye too! I'll be looking to grab copies of MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTERS, THE DARK AGE, and THE TICK for myself!

2019 free comic book dady comics

May the Fourth is also unofficially STAR WARS DAY. May the Fourth be with You! So of course they have a STAR WARS comic book that you can get for free. This comic book is from the IDW Publishing's STAR WARS ADVENTURES comic book series which is written at a middle grade reading level to have age appropriate content for elementary school aged kids. While written for a pre-teen audience, these stories should be appealing to all ages in my opinion from flipping through pages of these comic books I've previously bought for my son and daughter.

In this FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Star Wars story, Han Solo and Chewbacca race against pirates in a search for one of three identical droids that contain the location of a legendary treasure.  But what they don't know is two of the droids are booby trapped! Trickery and double-crosses abound in this original story set before events in the movie  A New Hope!

May the Fourth

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is a morning that I've come to look forward to bonding together with my kids being excited about super heroes and science fiction. My children love the activity of perusing through the free comic book selections and picking out a few favorites to bring home with them. Then we spend a couple of hours reading through and chatting about everything we brought home with us. From spending time in line chatting with other comic fans to discovering new characters and stories in these books, we always have a super time participating in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.


Don't miss out on getting some free comic books! Swing by a comic book shop on May 4th! CLICK HERE to find out if there is a participating location near you.

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