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The time of having to carry around cash, coins, and lots of personal information are days gone by. Who really carries money around with them anymore now that most transactions are digital? Information that used to be held onto in wallets is now stored in smart phone apps and purchases that had been made with cash are made with credit, debit, gift and reward cards instead. With this in mind Ekster has produced a new type of wallet for today's guys on the go.

Ekster wallets are slim making them comfortable to carry and incorporate smart safety features to help protect your finances and personal identity. While half the size of a traditional bill fold, these wallets maintain the look of a classic wallet utilizing top-grain European leathers to provide a sophisticated look.  My Ekster is comfortable to carry around and makes me feel like a trend setter when I pull it out.

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My 2019 new year's resolution has been to minimalize clutter in my life and be more efficient with my time. Using the Ekster wallet has been great for prioritizing what I carry around with me. Its interior has some pockets for holding my drivers license and bar card plus a cash strap for holding a few dollars and a few business cards. There is also a secure container for holding the various plastic cards that you may need for making transactions.

It holds five cards comfortably so that I can easily store business and family banking debit cards, a Starbucks gift card, my MJR movie theaters reward card, and VISA credit card. Not having as much space has moved me to embrace technology as I've transferred my medical and dental insurance, vehicle proof of insurance and zoo membership to be accessible via my phone. Wow this wallet is so much lighter to carry around with me!


Ekster also incorporate smart technology to make wallets more secure than ever. The card storage compartment within Ekster wallets blocks RFID/NFC signals protecting against wireless skimming and private data theft. You don't want savvy hackers accessing the RFID/NFC features that are common with todays financial transaction systems utilizing cards for digital transactions allowing them to  duplicate your accounts and information for identity theft.

This secure compartment also provides instant access to your cards. With the a click of the trigger located at the bottom of the compartment your cards are smoothly ejected in a staggered fashion. This makes sorting through them easy to select the one you are looking for. No more fumbling through your wallet searching for where you stuck a specific card. Voila they are all right there at your finger tips laid out so it is easy to quickly grab the one you are looking for.


Another great feature about Ekster wallets is that they include a tracking feature. A tracking device slides into the backside of the wallet which can be synced to your phone. I'm always misplacing my wallet around the house. Covering it up with paperwork on my desk, leaving it in pants that I've thrown in the dirty laundry hamper, placing it on an odd table or shelf around the house, you name it I've probably lost track of my wallet one way or the other.

With Ekster wallets just activate an alert feature and your wallet will start ringing. Follow the sound to your wallet. But wait there is more! Misplaced your phone? You can press the tracker device in your wallet to ring your phone too!


If your lost wallet isn't in your immediate vicinity because of being dropped, left behind or pickpocketed, the Chipolo app feature allows you to utilize GPS to pinpoint its location throughout the world. When testing this out the map on the app let me zoom in close enough to identify my specific house where I was sitting with the Ekster wallet in my pocket.


What is really nice about these trackers are they are solar powered. Just slide out the solar panel from your wallet from time to time when you are in sunlight to keep it recharged. 3 hours of sunlight will keep the tracker powered for two full months. You can use this tracker for years without having to purchase a replacement. Outstanding!



I've found my wallet to be convenient and comfortable to use so it absolutely has earned a geek daddy nod of approval. Ekster wallets are just the right fit for men who are looking to lead a minimalist lifestyle. Combining durability, style and technology this is a wallet to geek out over.

Ekster wallets make perfect gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, graduations and whatever other occasion you may be gift shopping for. They provide free shipping and returns on purchases from Don't take just my testimonial for granted though. Read these endorsements from CBS News and Forbes too.


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