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double duty dad
As a criminal defense attorney, I've seen first hand the negative influences on society and in people's lives caused by absent and abusive fathers.  More than 70% of my clients either haven't had a father involved in their childhood or where the victims of child abuse. This neglect impacts these individuals into their adulthood contributing to alcohol / drug abuse, criminal behavior, and a cyclical pattern of treating their own offspring in the same manner as they were as kids.

Being exposed to these scenarios on a regular basis has inspired me to give extra effort at being a good dad for my kids.  From adventurous family road trips to lengthy evenings helping out with math homework at the kitchen table being involved in my children's lives is a priority for me. Taking them to work so they understand my career plus turning down client cases so I can spend the summers with them instead of putting the kids in daycare are examples of how dads as parents can pull double duty balancing both professional and personal obligations. I may be exhausted after a day full of courthouse proceedings but will still be enthusiastically out on a soccer field that night coaching a practice or cheering on a game my kids are involved in. Being present in the moment and making the most of every minute you have with your kids in my opinion is one of the most important, and valuable, aspects of fatherhood.

So I want to give a Fathers Day weekend shout out to all the guys out there striving to balance career and family everyday just like me. Keep it up! You are making a positive difference! Believe me!

Being a double duty dad can be dirty, messy, sweaty and exhausting. What involved parent doesn't have a kid vomit story that is laughable now but wasn't so funny when it happened? Mine was my daughter vomiting in my lap while we were watching FROZEN at the movie theater. I got some cold stares as we rushed out of there. Taking a sick day off work to care for ill kids, rushing across town from a client matter to get to a parent-teacher conference in time, or cleaning up a messy house that your kids made look like a tornado swept through it are all part of being a double duty dad.

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Showing your goofy or geeky side being involved and having fun with children isn't a sign of male weakness for dads but rather it is a display of strength. It demonstrates a confidence in yourself for who you are and a commitment to the responsibilities of fatherhood. Keep coming back to and follow @Geekdad248 on Instagram and Twitter for a focus on the adventure of parenting from a dad's perspective. Hopefully these shared experiences will encourage others to embrace being double duty dads, inspire activities and travel that families can enjoy together as well as highlight that in addition to chores and responsibilities fatherhood can be really fulfilling and fun.

double duty dad

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