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Looking for some fun activities for a family get together, neighborhood block party, or a PTA fundraiser? My friends at Wholesale Party Supplies provided me with some great DIY tips for building carnival games that are sure to add some thrills to your event. You don't have to go to an amusement park or county fair to have fun playing carnival games by following these instructions to build your own out of pegboard.

DIY Bean Bag Basket Toss

Spray paint one side of your peg board the color you want your carnival game to be. Then attach two wood beams to the other side of the peg board as legs to prop up the bean bag basket toss at your preferred angle. You will want to do this for all three of these carnival game templates.

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Line up nine same sized buckets preferably of different colors to create a square block on a pegboard. Good colors for buckets are red, yellow, white and blue for a carnival vibe. Place your buckets on the ground face down and place the pegboard on top, also face down. Use a Sharpie marker to mark two holes on the bottom of each bucket then drill over each of these marks.

diy carnival games

Use zip ties to secure these baskets in place on the pegboard. Clip the ends of the extra zip tie length with a wire cutter. Once you've secured the baskets attach two wood boards to the back of the peg board as legs to prop up the bean bag basket toss at your preferred angle.


Download these Bean Bag Basket Toss printables from Wholesale Party Supplies. Cut out these  shapes and adhere inside the baskets using hot glue. These make up the points people score when a bean bag lands in a particular bucket. Whoever gets the most points tallied from tossing their bean bags into the buckets wins. Give them a prize!

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DIY Balloon Darts

To create the balloon darts game, stuff balloons with prizes like candy, coins or small toys. Blow them up and twist the end, but don’t tie it.

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carnival games

Stuff the knot through the hole and tie it on the other end to secure.


Take turns throwing darts at the balloons. Whichever balloon a person pops they get the prize inside. When kids are involved, adult supervision is required for playing this game!

carnival games

DIY Ring Toss

To create the ring toss game, cut (14) 6” wood dowels. Insert them in a foam block and paint them with white paint.

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Once dry, twist and insert the dowels into select holes on your pegboard.

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To play, snap a glow stick and create a bracelet out of it. Have players take turns tossing the bracelet at the pegs. See who can get the most on the pegs!

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This dad blogger can picture my own family cooking up some corn dogs and corn on the cob to eat while having an outdoor game night with some carnival flair. These games would also be a fun activity to incorporate into a family movie night before watching flicks like Dumbo or Wonder Park. Since they are fairly easy to put together and set up these would also be perfect for school or community events taking place in gymnasiums or at playgrounds and parks. Carnival Games are surefire way to provide a festive time!

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