Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Frank Miller autographed
Who is your favorite comic book super hero? Batman? Captain America? Hell Boy? Mine is Daredevil.

Trial attorney by day and super hero by night there is a lot that I can relate to when it comes to Marvel Comics' Daredevil. The man without fear doesn't let being blind handicap him as all his other senses have been ultra heightened to give him an edge when it comes to battling evil doers. Fine tuned hearing that gives him a radar-like view of the world around him puts Spider-Man's spider sense to shame. Fighting mob goons and ninja mercenaries in Hell's Kitchen provides for great noir style tales being told within the pages of Daredevil comic books.

The comic book artist who has the most impact in defining Daredevil is Frank Miller.  One of the Daredevil issues he crafted for Marvel is considered by many as one of the all time great comic books. Now Dynamic Forces is reprinting Daredevil #181 with all its original 1964 content, including the ads. That is not all though … these limited edition replicas available through Sideshow Collectibles will have their covers each autographed by Frank Miller himself.

In Daredevil #181, the psychotic Bullseye is determined to escape from jail and visit vengeance on the man who put him there - Daredevil! But when he finds a way to get free, there's something he must deal with first - winning back his position as the Kingpin's number one assassin. And to do that, he has to get rid of Wilson Fisk's deadly new killer for hire - Elektra, the woman Daredevil loves Brace yourself for two brutal life-and-death showdowns in this double-sized comic book story being republished by Dynamic Forces.

This is a collectible that any Daredevil fan would be delighted to get their hands on. I know I want one! Don't miss out on ordering one of  these limited run comic book reproductions signed by Frank Miller from Sideshow Collectibles before they sell out.

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