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Encourage kids to unplug their video games and get outside to play their own real life Fortnite style battles using Ninja branded foam dart blasters and gear. While he may have gained his fame from playing the popular Fortnite online battle royal style video game, Ninja (aka Richard Tyler Blevins) is encouraging kids to also get outside for exercise and entertainment too. Now kids can battle like Ninja on the playground with fun items from Zuru and Wicked Cool Toys.

Have the best foam dart blaster on the block with the Ninja Justice. With 12 attachable parts, there are more than 1,000 unique combinations for users to customize this blaster to best suit their personal preferences or provide a unique look to be different than what your friends and foes are using.  Plus it comes with two attachable magazines providing plenty of ammo while running around in a foam dart battle.

My son tested out the Ninja Justice from Zuru Toys with some target practice in our backyard. We used the three target cans that come along with the foam dart blaster as well as a Ninja doll from Wicked Cool Toys.  The Ninja Justice is easy to aim and hit targets in your line of sight straight on. Aim and fire at targets as far as 90 feet away.


Using the Zuru Toys X-Shot pump and shoot format for firing foam darts from the blaster provides for smooth shots through the barrel. Slide in a magazine, pump action the blaster and pull its trigger. A dart fires out and the magazine slides over aligning the next round to be shot. Repeat until the clip is empty. We've found these style of manual pump action blasters like the Ninja Justice to not have the darts jam up and misfire as much as the automatic fire variety available from competing brands. That is a real plus for the enjoyability of playing with this foam dart blaster.

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Ninja Justice is a limited special edition version of Zuru's X-Shot brand of foam dart blasters that will only be available in 2019. So grab one now while you can. I particularly think this would make a great holiday gift so while it is still summer you may want to do some Christmas shopping now. This dad blogger had a really good time playing with the Ninja Justice that Zuru sent us to try out and the only downside to this foam dart blaster may be that parents like me who monopolize it away from the kids who the toy was bought for.

Accurate, light weight, with easy to load, high capacity ammo magazines, multiple customizable looks/features and a smooth firing mechanism that doesn't jam, Ninja Justice is just what you need to be king of the hill in a foam dart blaster battle. Ninja Justice gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval because I would have loved having one of these myself when I was a kid.  Our city's recreation department is holding a foam dart blaster tournament at the community center in a few weeks and my son is all smiles knowing that he is taking a Ninja Justice there with him.

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Whether engaging in a foam dart battle at a park or dueling it out playing Fortnite on the couch, show your Ninja spirit by donning headgear from Wicked Cool Toys that make it look like you have his trademark hair. This high quality wig is made from high pile plush with a satin head tie. This Ninja Wig Headwear comes in one size fits most.

Get your Ninja on with these fun items from Zuru and Wicked Cool Toys!

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