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Tired of having a bundle of keys jangling around in your pocket? We all know carrying around a bunch of keys can be an annoyance but now there is a solution which makes it quiet and comfortable to carry them around with you. KEY SMART provides a smart, compact way to organize your keys.

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key holders

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KEY SMART has a jackknife-like case that keeps all your keys in place inside of it.  These swiss-style key organizers don't come with a knife but you can purchase add-on accessories that include a blade, bottle opener, fire starter, golf divot tool, pliers and wrench among other things. You can utilize KEY SMART so just your keys swing in and out of it or mix in with them a variety of tools.

It is easy to assemble a KEY SMART. Just remove the end bolts of the carrying case with a screw driver or quarter. Arrange keys and other items you want to hold onto one of the base plates intermingling them between end bolt slots to facilitate being able to slide each item out of the case when you are all done. Place the included spacers between each key and accessory to provide some gap between the things you are storing in your KEY SMART. Attach the other base plate on top. Screw back in the two end bolts to hold everything together. All done!

compact key holder

In addition to the standard edition which comes in either a rugged metal case or leather style which hold up to 10 keys, there is also a high tech pro edition. You are sure to geek out over the KEY SMART PRO which has a LED flashlight and Tile locator built into it. These features are rechargable with a power port embedded within the key holder and a USB charging cable included with the KEY SMART PRO. Plus it comes with a bottle opener! This has to be the world's smartest key holder!


Ok who here has ever misplaced their keys? I have to hold my hand up and am sure yours is up in the air too. Sync your SMART KEY PRO to the free Tile app you can download to phones and mobile devices.

Can't find your keys? Use the app to make your KEY SMART PRO start ringing. Left your keys someplace while traveling? You can see the location of your SMART KEY PRO on a map through the Tile app. Oh and if you can't find your phone you can get it to ring by pressing the Tile button on your SMART KEY PRO key holder. Your phone will ring even if it is on vibrate or silent mode.  I love that they included the Tile feature into the KEY SMART PRO!

The KEY SMART PRO holds up to 14 keys. A built in bottle opener so you can easily pop open a brew whenever watching a game. A LED flashlight so you'll never find yourself in the dark again. This is especially handing when you need to peek into places when fixing things around the house. The Tile app so you never lose your keys again!  An embedded battery that is easy to recharge. This key holder is amazing!


You've gotta get yourself a KEY SMART! Whether it is a stylish leather case, a rugged metal key holder or the techy gadget filled edition there is a variety of KEY SMART options to meet every lifestyle need. This dad blogger recommends checking out all the options available for these compact key holders by going to

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