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My kids have grown up watching the Ice Age movies which involve prehistoric creatures including woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, ground sloths, and a pesky acorn chasing squirrel overcoming adversaries and obstacles to avoid becoming extinct throughout a variety of adventures.  So they are excited to be able to delve a little further into the world that was brought to live in those animated movies by playing a brand new Ice Age video game. Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure by Outright Games is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at Best Buy.

In the movies we've seen Scrat hunger for acorns lead him to discovering (and sinking) the legendary island of Atlantis as well as uncover an alien spaceship (which leads to an asteroid being hurled at the Earth) so it is no surprise that this new video game has the mischievous squirrel embarking on a nutty adventure searching for a mysterious treasure. When Scrat accidentally falls into an ancient forgotten Scratazon Temple, he must set off on a quest to find four Crystal Nuts that will unlock magical powers as well as his acorn which has become trapped within the place. Players must guide Scrat through four levels representing different landscapes from the Ice Age movies to obtain the four Crystal Nuts and return them to the Scratazon Temple.

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Scrat's Nutty Adventure features a variety of landscapes from the movies including the glacial valleys from the original film, caverns filled with lava pools and underground jungle full of dinosaurs from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and the temperate forests that were the setting for Continental Drift and Collision Course. Make your way through four levels each representing a different landscape to find a Crystal Nut hidden in each. The graphics are great in Scrat's Nutty Adventure making players feel as if they have been transported within an Ice Age movie.  That feeling of immersion makes playing the video game extra fun.


There are minor adversaries to defeat as you trek through the game such as crabs and horned beetles and level bosses like wholly rhinos. Scrat can kick and swat his tail to take out those things that block his path plus can toss stones and snowballs to knockout creatures from a distance.  This game really isn't about fighting though. The focus is to overcome obstacles and solve obstacles to get to the end of each level which is essentially a maze to complete. It is nice to see my son and daughter enthused about a video game that doesn't involve shoot outs and fist fights!

Scrat's Nutty Adventure is rated E for everyone with mild cartoon violence. The video game is visually enticing enough to captivate young players, especially those who are fans of the Ice Age movies, yet challenging enough to intrigue adults to want to play too. That is why it gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval!


Check out a sample of the game play in Scrat's Nutty Adventure:

As you make your way through this 3D action adventure special powers can be unlocked by gathering the glowing purple spheres that mark a trail to follow through a level's landscape which will help Scrat jump higher, pick up heavier objects and find treasure along his path. Be aware this is a one player game so if you have multiple kids at home somebody is going to have to wait his or her turn. We had a bit of bickering about that at our house because both my twins were enthralled with playing the game. That being said it was a good way to get them to work together as one pointed out tips to the other and they would switch the controller back and forth when somebody was having trouble getting around a challenge or solving a puzzle. Teamwork always wins in the end!

If you can complete a perilous journey across icy terrains, raging geysers, and burning lava, be prepared for an out of this world experience. Then in the end maybe you can help Scrat recover his cherished acorn! Remember this isn't a game about brute force beating down bad guys but rather mastering the dexterity to manipulate your controller to maneuver Scrat through a maze camouflaged as an Ice Age landscape and using problem solving to overcome puzzles that may block your progress. While the goal is to be rewarded by ultimately unlocking that nutty squirrel's acorn from the Scratazon Temple the best reward of the game is the fun of playing it.

scrats nutty adventure

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