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A Geek Daddy received complimentary tickets for promotional consideration from Feld Entertainment
Something BIG is coming to Detroit! Feld Entertainment is bringing the dinosaurs of Jurassic World to the city for a live stage show at Little Caesars Arena. The Jurassic World Live Tour will be having performances in Detroit November 14-17, 2019.

I was so geeked to have a chance to meet some of the cast of the show, including a baby stegosaurus, in advance of the Jurassic World Live Tour coming to town and my whole family is excited to go see Feld Entertainment bring these dinosaurs to life at Little Caesars Arena. This isn't one of those animatronic displays that tours the country which you will often see exhibited at museums and zoos, but rather a performance of an original Jurassic World story featuring actors and puppeteers utilizing elaborate costumes. Combining lifelike dinosaurs with pyrotechnics, special effects and vehicular stunts creates an extraordinary experience making audiences feel as if they are immersed within a Jurassic World adventure taking part right in front of them.


Getting a close up look at one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic World Live Tour, I have to say these outfits are spectacular! Mixing together traditional puppetry with high tech features, it really seemed as if I was interacting with a dinosaur. Isn't amazing the fantasy worlds we can be transported to thanks to today's technology.

These dinosaur suits are a marvel and have to give kudos to the performers who bring these creatures to life during Jurassic World Live Tour performances. With these dinosaur outfits weighting up to 120 pounds this is a physically taxing effort on these puppeteers. It also takes a tremendous amount of skill and practice to make these dinosaurs movements appear fluid and realistic while the creatures are running and jumping around a stage. They have to get choreography down as well as handling the physical and electronic controls that operate the dinosaur's movements ranging from blinking eyes to waving tails. From the advance preview of the stegosaurus this dad blogger had a chance to meet up close, I was really impressed.

Tickets are for sale now to see Jurassic World Live Tour for its upcoming stop in Detroit. I will be going to a show with my family courtesy of Feld Entertainment. My kids have been getting really excited about this night out every time they see one of the ads promoting these shows pop up on TV. It is sure to be a fun night!

If you want to join us in going to see Jurassic World Live Tour at Little Caesars Arena, Feld Entertainment has provided me with a special discount code to share with my audience. Get great seats for just $20! Don't wait to use it though because not only are these shows coming up soon but this deal expires on November 13.

Great seats for only $20* 
Use code JWL20 (last character is a zero) 
Offer expires 11/13

Purchase tickets here

*Additional fees and restrictions apply. Limit 8 tickets per order. Save on processing fees by purchasing at the Box Office directly. Not valid on Opening Night- these tickets are already discounted to $15!

For more information about the show, go to

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