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Star Wars books
When watching a sci-fi movie do you ever wish you knew more about the mechanics and layouts of the spaceships featured in them? If so, you'll appreciate these two Star Wars books from Insight Editions: Haynes Owner's Workshop Manuals for Imperial and Rebel Starfighters. Insight Editions have taken the format of Haynes Manuals which are renowned by diy enthusiasts in assisting with automobile maintenance and repairs and applied it to Star Wars spacecraft. Haynes Manuals now provide specifications, statistics and schematics not just for more than 400 real life vehicles but also a variety of starfighters from the Star Wars movies.


Star Wars
This book delves into the various starfighters utilized by the Rebel Alliance in the original Star Wars trilogy as well as the updated vessels used in the Disney sequel movies. Learn all about A-Wings, B-Wings, U-Wings, X-Wings and Y-Wings from both a pilot and mechanic's perspective. Haynes Star Wars Rebel Starfighters Owners' Workshop Manual is chock full of photographs from the movies as well as television shows such as The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels showing these spaceships interiors and exteriors from a variety of angles. Plus there is a special section devoted to pilot training and gear that provides an overview of the components of a flight suit.

Rebel Starfighters is also filled with blueprints and illustrations showing the inner workings of these crafts. Blueprints provide specifications for the different starfighters used by the Rebels and Resistant and show where different components are located within them. These are formatted like you were looking at the details of a modern day fighter plane making these fantasy vehicles appear as if they were real.

Star Wars

For example looking at the blueprints for a T-70 X-Wing divulges the starfighter has a length of 41 feet and maximum acceleration of 3,800 G. The blueprints also pinpoint the locations of equipment across the starfighter ranging from deflector shield projectors to its subspace radio antenna.

Star Wars

Blueprints for the A/SF-01 B-Wing Starfighter highlight a number of components for this blockade buster that are details most people wouldn't think about when just watching it fly across the screen in Return of the Jedi or the episode of Star Wars Rebels it was featured in. Yet going through the details in this book really bring the starfighter to life showing details a mechanic would want to know such as pointing out the S-foil wing actuator system and reactor excess-plasma vent. Plus highlighting the layout of the cockpit's flight controls makes it feel as if a reader is being prepped to be able to fly one of these themselves.

Star Wars B Wing Starfighter

The book also has lots of diagrams such as different configurations of starfighters or combat maneuvers. One diagram shows how Y-Wing cockpits could be adapted for a variety of mission uses ranging from bombing missions to patrol flights. Another diagram show a basic combat maneuver X-Wing pilots trained to do when engaging with TIE fighters in aerial combat.


Tie Fighter

Speaking of TIE Fighters, Insight Editions has also produced a Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual for Imperial and First Order models of this starfighter as well.  Learn all about the various models of these starfighters including Darth Vader's unique specced out TIE Advanced x1 and Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer. The book is full of photographs of all these starfighters taken from the movies and animated tv series showing close up views from all sorts of angles.

Blueprints show all sorts of interesting details about these starfighters portrayed as if they were real vehicles. Wonder why TIE Fighters have those huge wings on them? Want to learn how a twin ion engine works? What are those giant wings on their sides for? You'll find out by reading this book!

Learn how TIE Fighter pilots train in simulator pods and about the flight suits they wear. Compare the differences between the flight suits of the Imperial Navy and a First Order pilot.  Also learn about the maintenance and technical support required to keep TIE Fighters operational. Plus the book diagrams the battle maneuvers TIE Fighter pilots are feared for conducting with precision.

TIE Fighter
Star Wars TIE Fighter


I've been geeked flipping through the pages of these books from Insight Editions. This dad blogger has really enjoyed learning all the details and inner workings regarding the ins and outs of these starfighters. Must read content for diehard Star Wars fans! Science fiction lovers who like to delve into the technical aspects and backstories of the genre will also really appreciate reading these Haynes Manuals of Star Wars starfighters. I give both books nod of approval!

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