Sunday, March 15, 2020


Corona Virus
Beyond going to work and school, my family had been staying around the house playing it safe this week as concerns about the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) began spreading throughout the country and here in Michigan. Then things really hit close to home on Thursday when the kids' school district began cancelling classes. Looks like they won't be returning to school until mid-April at the earliest now! As Sunday rolled around we were all getting a bit stir crazy being home.

So it was nice to find out Goldfish Swim School was still open! Sunday nights are Swim Nights at Goldfish Swim School for my twins. Both of them are on the Swim Force competitive swimming team. They have an hour long practice once per week and quarterly competitive meets. My son and daughter were really excited to get out of the house for some pool time.

My son and daughter enjoyed having fun in the water and getting some exercise in during their Swim Force practice. Both of them put the stress of the coronavirus out of their minds for an hour as they focused on swimming. I wasn't too worried about them getting sick while being in the pool because the chlorine kills germs like coronaviruses and had peace of mind about the rest of the facility as I watched staff constantly taking actions to sanitize the place as we were there. Chairs, countertops, door handles, the pool deck and more were being doused with antiseptic in an effort to hold the virus at bay. No one showed signs of being sick and everyone kept a distance from each other to respecting one another's space.

safety tips

From what I witnessed Goldfish Swim School understands our society is facing a serious health emergency but also realizes that people need to maintain some normalcy to their lives. They are striving to provide a safe space where families can get away from the stress of current events for a moment. We really appreciated that!

For more information about their swimming programs go to A Geek Daddy is a brand ambassador for Goldfish Swim School receiving complimentary goods and services for sharing my family's experiences participating in their swimming programs. All opinions shared by this dad blogger are honest and my own.

UPDATE [3/16/20]: Because of a county state of emergency being enacted that restricts occupancy within public venues, including pools, to help reduce the spread to the COVID-19 contagion our local Goldfish Swim School is closing from March 16 to tentatively April 6, 2020. Check with your local Goldfish Swim School franchise to find out how they are being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

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