Monday, April 20, 2020


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For their days science lesson today, the teachers at my kids school had all the 5th Graders log onto Facebook Live to witness a presentation from the Michigan Science Center. With the school building closed due to the pandemic, the teachers have been teaching online via live Zoom sessions, recorded YouTube videos and having the kids participate in different activities like this. The Michigan Science Center ECHO Live! presentations let students participate in a different experiment each day asking questions and interact with the host through the Facebook Live chat feature.

These free 1/2 hour video presentations will take place every weekday at 2:30 pm ET for what would have been the remainder of the school year. If you miss a live experiment and chat session, the videos are posted later on the Michigan Science Center YouTube channel. I watched along with my son and daughter and have to say the presenter did a very nice job of conducting the experiments in a relatable way to children as well as interacting with the viewers through the Facebook Live chat feature as if she was doing the presentation with the kids sitting right in front of her at the science center. I give her a Geek Daddy nod of approval for a job well done!

The presentation we saw today involved experiments with electricity and showing how a circuit works. Viewers learned how to turn a potato or lemon into a battery. While moms may tell kids to never play with their food, I think it is ok for science experiments. I know my kids would much rather do experiments with carrots than eat them! My son and daughter both want us to do some science experiments with the fruits and vegetables in our kitchen pantry now.

If you are home schooling children, these videos provide some nice science curriculum that is both educational and entertaining. They'll be covering different topics so tune in each day to see what new experiment is taking place. Check out these great Michigan Science Center ECHO Live sessions while staying home and staying safe.

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