Monday, May 4, 2020


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The Wi-Fi Internet router on top of a bookshelf in my home office has been guarded by a pair of Star Wars warriors, a New Order Stormtrooper and a Old Republic Clone Wars Trooper, for the last few years. Something has been missing though. A classis Star Wars Stormtrooper.

I've been wanting to complete the set of these Hot Toys sixth scale character replicas with a Stormtrooper from the original trilogy of films for awhile now to have a figure representing all the eras from the movies. So I pulled the trigger and purchased one from Sideshow Collectibles. With blaster in hand, I've enlisted this 11.8" tall Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Collectible Figure to serve as a guardian to my access to the world wide web.

Hot Toys Collectible Star Wars Figure

Hot Toys has developed a reputation for being a leader in creating highly detailed sixth scale reproductions of comic book and sci-fi characters. In addition to movie accurate details this collectible Stormtrooper figure's body has over 30 points of articulation for poising it to match favorite scenes from Star Wars or for imaging your own adventures. It includes a blaster rifle, Stormtrooper armor with weathering effects, a black cloth under-suit, belt with blaster holster, attachable thermal detonator and display stand.

Stormtrooper helmet

stormtrooper blaster rifle

blaster holster

display stand

The figure includes 7 interchangeable gloved hands to allow for striking different poses. One pair of fists; one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of hands for holding the included blaster rifle; and one single gesturing left hand. So you can show the figure in a variety of stances with the rifle either being aimed or placed within the cloth holster, like the ones used in filming Star Wars: A New Hope, at its side.


star wars stormtrooper

There is a lot for Star Wars fans to geek out about with this Stormtrooper from Hot Toys. It is available from Sideshow Collectibles in standard and deluxe editions. The deluxe version comes with a battery-operated Death Star Wall Panel diorama backdrop that will illuminate the figure in LED white light.

I'm really enjoying this new addition to my home office that I just put up to celebrate May the Fourth. It absolutely gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval! May the Fourth be with You!

Star Wars stormtroopers

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