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fathers day gift ideas
I received an early Fathers Day care package courtesy of my favorite tech accessory brand, NOMAD. They produce wireless charging stands, mouse pads, phone cases, connection cables, smart watch straps and more. They've even transitioned some of their manufacturing capacity to produce some medical supplies that have been heard for people to get their hands on during the pandemic including hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves and face masks. These guys are awesome!

If you are shopping for dads or grads, I'm sure NOMAD has something that that special someone would be geeked to receive as a gift. This dad blogger has been putting the samples they sent me to good use. NOMAD makes some great stuff! I absolutely give their brand a Geek Daddy nod of approval.

horween leather

Coming in slate grey or rustic brown, these mousepads are designed to be the only one you'll ever need. It combines style with functionality and durability. This mousepad is constructed with a Horween leather surface and no slip micro-textured rubber base.

A great upgrade providing my home office space with a more mature look replacing the beat up mousepad displaying Looney Tunes characters that proceeded it. Not only do I like the look but this mousepad is more than double the size of any previous one I've had before and provides a great surface for seamlessly connecting my mouse to the computer.

dad blogger

I have to say this is one of my favorite gadgets that is around my house. Keep it right on the desk in my home office where it wirelessly charges my phone. All I have to do is place my phone on this base stand and it charges.  While my phone is charging it can also do other tasks like download apps, emails or other content which is very useful. Plus the display screen stays on so I can also use its clock features while working.

nomad wireless desk charger standbase station stand

wireless charging stand

It is not just useful but looks very nice while sitting on your desk as well. The NOMAD Base Station Desk Charger has a precision molded aircraft-grade aluminum body and padded leather charging surface. It includes a LED charging indicator that shows at a glance when the base station is operating. A nice feature is the charging sensor has an ambient light sensor that automatically dims at night. Lots of nice details make this a standout product that is a nice addition for a home office desk top, a bedroom night stand, or that section of a kitchen counter where everyone tends to charge their phones. I love this device!


Metro Detroit has been hit hard by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. It is impossible to find hand sanitizer and virus killing cleaning products on store shelves. Yet for those of us who have to leave the house for work or supply runs these are essential products for keeping families safe. So I really appreciate NOMAD sending us some hand sanitizer our way. This is going to come in handy!

Medical supplies you can purchase from NOMAD include hand sanitizer, face masks, nitrile gloves,  surface cleaner, and contactless thermometers. Businesses that are looking to re-open who need these supplies should definitely head over to the NOMAD website. Of course these are items that families can use too!

nomad review

For more information on all the products available, head over to This is a dependable brand that I've had a number of positive experiences dealing with. Whether you are looking for a Fathers Day gift, graduation present, coronavirus-related medical supplies or some tech accessories for yourself, I recommend connecting with NOMAD.

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