Saturday, July 4, 2020


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While the Major Leagues may not be back in action yet, we've been having fun playing the Across the Board Baseball Game in our backyard. Across the Board Games produce unique handcrafted board games with sports themes such as horse racing, soccer, hockey and baseball that are crafted right here in the USA. We have a lot of fun playing their baseball game!

This 2-player game replicates an outing to the ballpark. Players compete on a wooden board shaped like a baseball diamond. Each side has a dug out filled with four batters designated by sturdy metal chrome or brass pegs. Just like in a real ball game each team has nine innings to score as many runs as they can. Whoever scores the most wins!

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During a team's at bat they continue until they get three outs. In this game hits, walks and outs are determined by the role of the dice. Get a hit or walk and move your teams' pegs around the diamond. Roll an out and move a marker that designates how many outs you have on the scoreboard.

Roll two dice for each at bat. Roll two 1s and you've just hit a HOME RUN! But roll two 5s and you STRIKE OUT! Other combinations in die rolls include singles, doubles, triples and walks as well as well as ground outs, pop outs and fly outs. This game is all about luck but still is really fun to play!


As you go through innings, use the included dry erase marker to update the score board. It provides an easy way to write in team names and scores. We've found you can rub away the ink on the score board with no residue left behind maintaining a clean look to your scoreboard game after game.

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This baseball game has been a home run for our family. It has earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval for being a relaxing way to enjoy some family time while playing it. The game isn't complicated to play making it great for family game nights. The game's real wood board makes it stand out and gives it the appearance of something you'll want to keep around the house long term to bring out when friends and family visit.

If you are looking for an all ages game that is easy to play yet is sure to provide hours of enjoyment, this dad blogger recommends this handcrafted, made in America game from Across the Board. It is unique and the type of thing that could one day become a family heirloom thanks to its quality workmanship. Play ball!

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