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I've partnered with SMARTICK to help keep my kids on track with their math learning despite the pandemic. Hate to say it but when my kids' elementary school shutdown due to the coronavirus health emergency the online learning their teachers provided them with was a joke. So now not only have they missed a semester of learning math but they are going through the summer with no guidance from our school district. To make up for that lapse, I have my son and daughter spending some time each day using SMARTICK.

SMARTICK is a 15 minute interactive online math program that creates personalized sessions for every child using it through AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Accessible on PCs as well as Apple and Android tablets provides a math instructional and tutoring service that lets kids advance at their own pace and according to their own abilities. The program includes hundreds of educational tutorials and mentally stimulating "brain games."

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Each child enrolled in this subscription service starts off by taking an assessment quiz to evaluate their math skills based upon their age. This allows SMARTICK to create a personalized lesson plan based upon where they should be at based upon their schooling and where the student may actually be. This evaluation allows the tutorials to focus on a child's weaknesses in math and also takes into consideration special needs like ADHD and Dyslexia.

Every day SMARTICK provides a child with a 15 minute session that reinforces how to solve math problems and helps students work through difficulties or a lack of understanding. Based upon their interactions, children can earn points that they can use to open up access to a virtual world that they can explore with a customized avatar. So SMARTICK provides both educational and entertaining for kids.

Honestly, my children have been more enthusiastic about using SMARTICK than I initially thought they would be. They've been doing their 15 minute sessions every morning after breakfast without a gripe. My son was so excited this morning to show me how well he had done on a math challenge.

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An incentive for them to do well is that both of them have really been enjoying having their avatars engage in the virtual world that is a reward feature of SMARTICK. They have been enthusiastically earning points so they can add accessories to their avatars. My daughter wants to get a kitten to keep hers company while her brother wants to earn a pet dinosaur.

And I know they aren't screwing around because after each of their SMARTICK sessions an email arrives in my inbox providing an individualized summary of how each of them did during their 15 minute tutorial session. Plus the program provides a parents-only section the kids can't access providing indepth details about a child's math abilities and use of SMARTICK. The program is very user-friendly for both children and adults.

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A perk of using this math skills subscription service is while parents are provided lots of information as well as tips to enhance tutoring on their own, mom and dad don't have to hand hold their kids through the tutorial sessions. SMARTICK is designed for children to work independently without relying on parents for help. With my wife and I both working from home, it can be tough to balance parenting and professional obligations during the work day so SMARTICK is a nice way to keep kids engaged in learning without having your conference calls and Zoom meeting constantly interrupted with someone asking for help with school stuff.

SMARTICK has been working out really well for our family and is going to be an ongoing part of our summer routine. If you have kids at home between 4 - 14 years old check out this math tutorial service this summer. SMARTNIK is offering a summer deal that provides  a free two week trial plus 10% off subscription prices. Go to smartickmethod.com to sign up.

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SMARTICK has earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval for providing my children with a good time while helping them with learning important life skills. Math is so important for kids to have a good grasp on and so easy for children to fall behind on during these uncertain times. This dad blogger highly recommends SMARTICK to keep students on track with their math studies.

Here are a few other endorsements from some of America's leading educational institutions:


"Smartick tackles a major socio-economic issue affecting Western children, notably in the U.S.: the poor level of math education, lagging far behind their peers from several countries in Asia.”

- Harvard Business Review

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

“I am particularly excited about Smartick because it reflects everything that we have been researching about education in mathematics.”

- Lori Breslow | Ph.D. and professor at MIT

Johns Hopkins University 

“Smartick is changing the world of Math with a new and fun approach to math education powered by artificial intelligence and personalized learning. The students love it, and the parents love to see their children’s math knowledge and grades improve. Learning math from home has never been easier today for tomorrow’s most in demand STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education.”

- Professor Joël Le Bon, PhD | Johns Hopkins University

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