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If you are a Star Wars fan, there is an entertaining card and dice game from Fantasy Flight that lets players pit some of their favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away in combative duels against one another. Build a deck of characters equipped with weapons, gear and skills that access attacks and abilities via the roll of dice or the drawing of a card. Will you choose to be on Light Side or Dark Side as you engage battles taking place in settings from your favorite Star Wars adventures?

We'd initially just been playing just with the Starter Kit and while it contains everything needed to engage in Star Wars Destiny you are limited to just four characters from the J.J Abrams era of the films. The starter kit includes the Resistance's Rey and Poe Dameron as well as the First Order's Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma. If you don't mind playing the game over and over again with these four characters, Star Wars Destiny can be played as a stand alone game with just the starter kit

But for those who want to expand the game deeper into the Star Wars galaxy you will need to purchase blind bag card and die packs that contain additional characters, battle locations, weapons, gear and skills representative of the entire Star Wars saga. You can purchase these packs individually from retailers or in boxes that contain 38 blind bags in them. Each blind bag includes 5 cards ranging from common to rare to legendary to find and a die that supports a character, weapon or ability.



We bought a box of cards and dice to add to our playable characters, arsenal of weapons and available supporting abilities. So which characters did we pull from our blind bags to join Rey, Poe, Kylo and Phasma in our Star Wars Destiny duels? It was mostly villains and bounty hunters/mercenaries including General Hux, Seventh Sister, Thrawn, Bazine Metal, Ciena Ree, Bossk, a servant of the Dark Side and a Gamorrean Guard. I like to pair up Bossk and the Gammorean Guard to battle against my kids in games. 

On the hero side, we pulled Ezra Bridger, Quinlan Voss, K-250 and a Wookie Warrior from the blind bags in our Star Wars Destiny box. My son has been pairing up Quinlan Voss with Ezra Bridger since he is a Jedi fan. Even though I think Vos may be a bad guy but oh well?!

My daughter on the other hand has been sticking with Rey from the Start Kit and pairing her with either the Wookiee Warrior or K-250. She has shown her own Dark Side with some combinations of the female villain characters we pulled from the blind bags too. She has as much fun playing this game as my son and I do if not more. The girl has a killer instinct when it comes to Star Wars Destiny.


In addition to the character cards we pulled there were also a number of new battle fields, weapons, gear, and abilities supported by cards and die found within our box of Star Wars Destiny blind bags.
Here are a few of the weapons we pulled that we can now equip characters with. An electrostaff, emp grenade, mortar gun, ion disrupter rifle, a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol.

Sometimes I play Star Wars Destiny against my son or daughter or take them both on at the same time. Other times the twins play against one another or friends that come over. We've been getting a lot of playtime out of Star Wars Destiny. So I purchased off Etsy some card/die holders to make the game play and layout more structured. It makes the game look nicer while playing and really helps you keep track of things while you are in the midst of a battle. They really have worked out great!

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Never played Star Wars Destiny before? Here is how:

Fantasy Flight Games had been supporting Star Wars Destiny by issuing booster sets of 160 new cards every quarter over the last few years that players could find in blind bags. So there were regularly new characters, equipment and skills to add to the game. Unfortunately, Fantasy Flight announced earlier this year that it was discontinuing supporting Star Wars Destiny in 2020. That being said it is still easy to get the Starter Kit and blind bag booster cards and die from a variety of retailers. There are also some print-and-play cards available to download from the Fantasy Flight website but you do need a Starter Kit to make any use of them.

My family has a blast playing Star Wars Destiny so it gets a Geek Daddy nod of approval. This dad blogger has found it to be a very entertaining Star Wars game that isn't too difficult to learn to play nor does it take up a lot of time with setting up and playing. Especially fun for parents who grew up with Star Wars to share with a new generation of fans. Great for family game nights!


Because of some complexity with game rules and a fighting theme recommend for ages 8+. Due to the game being discontinued I also recommending not waiting too long to purchase the Starter Kit or Booster Packs though they should remain fairly available at least through this year and into next. May the Force be with you in your Star Wars Destiny battles!

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