Friday, October 2, 2020

3 Creative Ideas for Being More Productive That You Haven't Tried

Daniel Handler

Being productive can be a daily challenge. Worse yet, when you feel like you’ve heard every tip for staying on task, it can start to seem as if there’s nothing you can do to make your days better. Instead of trying the same tired advice, borrow solutions from a different source: creatives. Artists, authors, and musicians have to stay focused, too! Read on for three creative ideas to motivate yourself.

Stop Writing on the Computer

Best author Daniel Handler is a prolific writer, but it doesn’t hurt the quality of his work. You might know him better as Lemony Snicket, the mind behind the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” children’s books, which won countless awards. But under his real name, Daniel Handler has also written half a dozen critically-acclaimed novels. What’s his secret? In an interview, Handler shared that his ideas flow better when he writes the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper. Try stepping back from your computer for a few hours and see if analog writing tools make you feel motivated.

Have a Routine That Suits You

Productivity blogs are full of advice on the perfect morning routine, but as you might already know, that doesn’t work for everyone! Take inspiration from some of the unusual routines of famous creatives profiled by Mason Currey in his book, “Daily Rituals.” No two luminaries in the book have the same routine; they just fit their work around their habits and did what was right for them. To the extent that’s possible, you should do the same.

Make Time for Movement

What do Beethoven, Haruki Murakami, and Kurt Vonnegut all have in common? For all of them, exercise is an important part of the creative process. Whether you subscribe to Murakami’s intense marathon training or Vonnegut’s dedication to sit-ups and push-ups, neurobiology researchers have confirmed the gut instinct of many creative people that movement helps you create better, more imaginative work.

If you’re feeling stuck during the day, try a more creative-centric approach to nurturing productivity; it could be just what you need to change your thinking.

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