Saturday, October 31, 2020


My kids and all their friends are talking about wanting their very own Baby Yoda just like from the MANDALORIAN Disney+ television show to bring home to live with them. That brings back memories of when I was their age and the movie GREMLINS had just come out. Everybody wanted their own Mogwai like Gizmo as a pet after seeing the movie.

So is GREMLINS a Halloween or Christmas movie? It is a horror-themed comedy providing a spooky Halloween vibe yet it takes place at Christmas with all the mischief beginning when someone receives a Mogwai they name Gizmo as a holiday present. Doesn't matter to us because my family enjoys watching GREMLINS any time during the year.

My childhood dream of having my very own Mogwai came true recently when I indulged in some '80s nostalgia by picking up an officially licensed replica of the Gizmo hand puppet prop used in filming GREMLINS crafted by Trick or Treat Studios. The closest thing you can have to a real Mogwai other than buying a Yorkie and calling it Gizmo!

This fantastic puppet was designed by Russ Lukich utilizing an original movie prop as a reference. From its dimensions to its hair this is a movie accurate replica of Gizmo from GREMLINS. It is like holding an actual movie prop in your hand!

While the Gizmo Gremlins Prop Replica from Trick or Treat Studios looks incredible to display, to be honest using it as a puppet isn't very practical unless your are actually buying it for use as a children's toy. My son and daughter were able to have some success maneuvering their fingers around to simulate movements by the puppet but my wife and I both had a difficult time manipulating it. Whoever was working this puppet in the movie must have had really tiny hands!

If you've ever wanted to own a Mogwai, this prop replica is a must have. It looks incredible to display and because it is a puppet it provides extra fun for playing around with. We've been using the puppet features to stage different selfies with it and give out candy to trick or treaters this weekend. With its life-like appearance just remember:

Don't expose to bright light

Don't get wet

Never feed after Midnight

You can get your own replica Gizmo Gremlins Prop Replica from Sideshow Collectibles. If you purchase it using a Geek Daddy link, this dad blogger will receive a small commission at no additional cost to your bill. Your support of is appreciated!

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