Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Warner Bros Home Entertainment provided ageekdaddy.com with a complimentary DVD set of 
Steven Universe: The Complete Collection

Steven Universe

Sit back and get ready to sing along to the musical escapades of Cartoon Networks' award-winning television series Steven Universe. Warner Bros Home Entertainment released today on DVD the complete collection of this half-Gem, half-Human hero's adventures to add to your home entertainment video library. Steven Universe: The Complete Collection includes every episode of the Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future TV series as well as the made-for-television movie Steven Universe: The Movie.

Also included in this 15-disc collection is a Collectors Edition Storybook featuring custom-made pieces of art for every page by Chromosphere. All new bonus content is also incorporated into the DVD collection with the inclusion of Steven Universe: The Movie Sing-A-Long edition along with Commentary and Minisodes featurettes. Steven Universe: The Complete Collection is rated TV-PG.

Steven Universe Complete Collection

The six-time Emmy-nominated Steven Universe from Cartoon Network revolves around the "little brother" to a team of magical aliens -- the Crystal Gems -- who had adopted and defend the planet Earth. Steven is the son of the Crystal Gems' deceased alien leader Rose Quartz and a human want to be rockstar who calls himself Mr. Universe. The boy has inherited his mother's magic-like Gem abilities and his father's sense of charm.

Steven Universe is an animated slice-of-life comedy that shows the boy's efforts to bridge the gap between the sci-fi world of the Gems and the simple-yet-extraordinarily-complicated life of Earthlings. The cartoonish action adventures filled with flair show Steven grappling with what his place in the universe is. Steven Universe is the creation of New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Sugar.

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