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earfun free pro

Been doing a lot of video conferencing for work since the pandemic started. With my kids virtual learning and my wife also working from home I've been wearing a large pair of over-ear noise cancelling headphones to drown out other stuff going around my house and focus on hearing what people are saying during court hearings, mediations and other virtual meetings. While that has been working out fine audio wise my personal image has taken a bit of a hit with my getting a lot of mockery about looking like an aircraft controller when I am on Zoom.

So I've been looking for a more discreet way to tune into online meetings. Problem solved with the new Earfun Free Pro earbuds that I was given to try out during my participating in this year's Consumer Electronics Show. These earbuds fit snug and tight in my ear yet I don't even feel them in there because they are so small and light. Weighing only 4.1 grams per earbud these are lighter than a normal piece of office paper. 

Yet they are big on sound! The clarity is incredible. Plus they provide something many ear buds and headphones lack ... decent bass! 

earfun free pro

For under $60 Earfun Free Pro earbuds provide the quality of similar products that sell for three times that price. They fit better and provide similar sound to a pair of Bose wireless workout headphones I spent more than $200 on awhile ago. Earfun Free Pro earbuds aren't just for casual or work use as they are made to be sweat and water resistant to make them useful for workouts too. I'm going to be using them now for when I go out for a run or doing a workout in my home gym.

These Earfun Free Pro earbuds are also equipped with 28dB active noise cancelation technology. While this does drown out some surrounding ambient noise, it was somewhat below par on my expectations for earbuds that promote themselves as active noise cancelling. They didn't block out nearby sounds like my dog barking, children screaming or wife watching television with the volume way up. I did notice farther away background noise was reduced though. To be honest in my opinion the noise cancelling mode was barely discernible from normal mode. That being said the normal level of clarity is so good the noise cancelling properties haven't really been needed when I've been wearing the Earfun Free Pro earbuds. 

noise cancelling earbuds

I've been so impressed with the other features of these earbuds and have had an exceptional overall experience using them though the noise cancelling limitations weren't that big of a deal. My being able to speak through their microphones on Zoom meetings and telephone calls so audiences could clearly hear me was much more important  and left me highly satisfied. Plus the general sound quality whether participating in a work meeting or immersing yourself in music is exceptional especially for such a small sized earbud. 

It comes with a great charging storage case that fits into the palm of your hand. You can charge your Earfun Free Pro earbuds while storing them in this case by placing on a wireless charger base or using an included usb cord. Not only are these cord free for wearing but can be charged cordlessly as well!


Earfun Free Pro has incredible battery life providing 7 hours with normal use per full charge and 6 hours utilizing noise-cancellation mode. And a powered up storage case can provide up to 32 hours of life to the earbuds. That provides great mobility when using Earfun Free Pro while traveling or if you are forgetful about recharging your tech.

There is also a latency mode that works really well. Often times when using Bluetooth connected earphones/earbuds that can be a lag between video images being shown and you hearing the associated sound. That sucks when watching a movie or playing a video game. This special mode eliminates that lag providing an undisruptive viewing experience with the sound matching up to on-screen imagery. Sound latency won't be a concern when utilizing Earfun Free Pro earbuds.

best ear buds

Earfun Free Pro provides the quality of much pricier brands exceeding my expectations for the earbuds. With exceptional sound quality and being very comfortable to wear as well as being visually low-key in your ears Earfun Free Pro has earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval. The flexibility of these quality earbuds to be multi-functional for both professional and personal uses combined with an affordable price makes Earfun Free Pro a real value. 

My favorite features of Earfun Free Pro include:

+ Bluetooth 5.2 for stable connections and extended working range 

+ Dual Composite Dynamic Drivers deliver superior sound and balance 

+ Low Latency Mode improves Video and Gaming experiences 

+ 10-Min Charging = 2 hours Playtime / 40-Min Full Charging = 7 hours Playtime 

+ Wireless Charging Compatible 

+ Intuitive Touch control + Volume control

+ IPX5-rate sweat and water resistant

+ Light weight comfortable in-ear feel

earfun free pro

For more information go to myearfun.com. I recommend checking them out! You are sure to be geeked about Earfun Free Pro.

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